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You Want Happiness? Define It.

H appiness; the much sought-after goal for many, the epitome of success for others, that all-consuming warm bubbly feeling that we all pursue at some point. Happiness is an incredible thing, but for some of us, it's as if it's constantly out of reach. We ‘ just want to be happy’ , and find ourselves continually agonizing over how we're gonna achieve it (and how we never seem to be able to). It almost becomes a relic on a pedestal, requiring us to do x,y and z in order to even get up to eye level with it.  When we have an idea like this perched up away from us, we're not really making it accessible. We're using it as a measuring stick to evaluate ourselves - and when we realise where we're at - using that same stick to beat ourselves up. What I've learned is, regardless what goal we're chasing, we need to understand what it means for us personally to have any chance of getting it. Success, beauty, recovery, love, freedom - anything we're

30 Days of Change

At any time in our lives challenges can and will arrive unannounced at our doorstep. We know this. In fact, we're beginning to know a whole lot about these challenges. We know that when we're struggling to keep our heads above water, we need to learn to help ourselves. We know that we need to collect the knowledge, understanding and self-awareness to comprehend our situation and improve it. Essentially, we get that we just need to learn how to swim. So with such an apparent foundation of knowledge, why do we still end up flailing? Seeking to educate ourselves is powerful, it seriously is. Among other things, it opens our minds, strengthens our self knowledge and points us in the direction of progression.  But we can only read so much. We can only Google so much. We can only face in the 'right' direction for so long. Sitting with a head full of information doesn't get us where we want to be. We need to get our asses moving. I watched  this  Ted Talk

5 Ways to Be More Present

Be present, be mindful, live in the moment - nowadays we're abundant in positive buzz words like this. These are the answers to our problems. Feeling depressed, anxious or stressed? Be present, be mindful, live in the moment or throw the icing on the cake with a good oul; just breathe .  While of course this is helpful advice, it can be hard to connect to what any of it actually means. Sometimes words and phrases are used so often that they lose their definition in the repetition. So we end up sitting with this advice whirling around our minds and getting frustrated when we've no idea how to apply it. How can I be more present? What will that even do? Being present means truly being aware, being connected to and being a part of the moment that you are currently in. You get to actually experience and enjoy it fully. But I think for a lot of us, it can be hard to remember the last time we did actually experience something fully. We can go to amazing places, exciting

23 Learnings of a 23 Year Old

It was my birthday during the week, and as has somehow become my custom in the last few years I wanted to share my learnings. Every year brings something different and the more I'm engaging with life, the more I'm learning and really cementing everything I've picked up so far. There's always challenges but there's also so much excitement, experience and evolving to get stuck into.  Through each mistake, each awkward encounter, each stressful situation, we can find the learning. We can change something for next time or we can just accept it as it was and move on. Learning is crucial for moving forward and growing in so many ways.  All we need to do is pay attention.  So here's mine as I take a look back, or at least, 23 of them :) 1. Trying new things is always worth it, even if just for that single experience of being outside your comfort zone. I've found it to open new possibilities and unlock potential. 2. I really enjoy change. And surpri