This Too Shall Pass

I thought I'd write a poem this time. I got really inspired recently to get back writing in this way so here it is. The idea was about feelings that we don't like, you know the ones, that rush over us and can seem to effortlessly ensnare us in a rut. I just wanted to share the line 'This too shall pass' as this is one I would've repeated to myself over and over when I was feeling down.

Even now, when I'm feeling out of sorts, I know and trust that it'll pass. Nothing lasts forever, so whatever comes up will go away pretty soon after arrival. We have to learn from these feelings and recognise that quite often, they come with a message. Once we listen, they've got plenty other places to be so we can let them go. But it's good to learn not to be afraid of these feelings, even when they're absolutely un-frtickin-bearable. They'll pass, I swear.

Awash with apathy, that familiar affliction
We spin ourselves the debilitating fiction
Of the fact that we're screwed now, we're stuck like this
Depressed and anxious entirely void of bliss
Out of nowhere it seems, the blanket of lead
Smothers each uplifting thought in our head
It boldly wraps its decrepit threads right around.
No comfort created, a mere weighty surround -
Drowning out the sound of any of our light,
The last untouched shreds of our fight
The laughter, the shining echo of being free,
Forcing us to believe this is how it's gonna be.

I could write these poems for days before
In various desperate attempts to explore 
The feelings that stifled my breath of life
All those dramatic ones where I was overcome with strife
Confused and questioning and entirely lost
Itching to seek out my answer at any cost.

I would ask, how f*cking long will this last
How long will it feel like I'm composed of glass,
The potential to shatter a constant risk
Cracks forming at the mere effort to exist..

Looking back now, it's actually pretty upsetting
Because that mindset was constantly forgetting
Persistently turning the complete opposite way 
Whenever advice or y'know logic, happened my way
The problem is - this is so overwhelming and real
It's an entirely poxy way to ever have to feel
But solutions are always around for this stuff
It doesn't actually have to be this tough.

So in reply to this feeling during bad days,
I'd repeat to myself this simple phrase,
This too shall pass. This Too Shall Pass,
It helped just knowing this wasn't gonna last
This simply is not a permanent feeling
and while it may not feel overly fleeting -
This too shall pass.
I promise it will and I'd recommend repeating this still
When I feel overwhelm, insecure, or just oddly down
I know that lead weight doesn't need to stick around
It's here to tell me there's something to change
And once I listen, then it can go right on its way.

Nothing lasts forever, cliché as that sounds
Even the darkest of times don't wanna linger around
See in life, transience is the only guarantee,
So regardless of struggle, you will be free
Even if you can't see it right now, just believe
That this will pass, and your spark will be retrieved.

Yvonne :)


  1. What a beautiful journey and concept

  2. Excellent encapsulation of a tough subject..

  3. Wow that poem is amazing! You have such a talent.

    1. Aww Sinéad! Thanks so much, really appreciate it :)


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