Conquering Christmas Week #2

What is on your Santa list?

Like most things as we grow up, the magic of Christmas seems to sneakily simmer away, eventually leaving us in that terrible category of  'grown up' where we actually have to think about the less fun parts of the festivities. 

With no jolly big man in a red suit providing whatever we want, that space can quickly be filled with us providing whatever we can worry about. As a child, all we had to do was write down what we wanted, be particularly good and more often than not, we'd wake up on that special morning to a stocking that'd make us grin from ear to ear. But now, we fill our minds with all the stuff we don't want, what we're worrying about, what we 'should' do, all the stuff that 'has to' be done.

In any scenario where we're creating more misery than magic - it's time to change something up. Regardless how little you want to embrace Christmas, fighting it with a fistful of fears and worries isn't making it a more bearable time by any means. 

So why not write your own list to Santa this year? Get your pen and paper out and think about exactly how you want this year's Christmas to be. 

1. What you think about you bring about:

If you've ever watched the Secret or even checked out our Facebook page, you'll be aware of the phrase 'What you focus on grows'. This is one that I personally would strongly advocate. If you're constantly worrying about weight gain, alcohol, socialising, family tensions, loneliness or whatever the Christmas season is bringing up for you, then that's all you'll be able to see. You will actually begin to create that for yourself as a reality. 

Worrying about the problem does not create any solutions. We need to shift the focus.

Think about what you do want.

2. Get specific. 

It's comical sometimes how incredibly clear we can be about what we don't want. The amount of energy we actually put into creating our worst case scenarios leaves little to work with for our best cases. There's no point just deciding we want a 'good' Christmas or we just want to enjoy it. That means something different for everyone so we need to figure out what exactly it means to us.

If you want to enjoy the day by going for walk or staying in and watching a movie, decide. Decide where you want to go, decide what you want to watch. Think about it and how you'll feel when you do it. Think of all the things that could go right, who might be there, who you want to see and how you want to interact. Just let your mind go and visualise it until your picture is crystal clear, step right into that picture and keep revisiting it until it becomes real.

3. Forget the fear & doubts.

'There's no point thinking about what I won't cos it won't happen'. Can I please urge that you don't engage in thoughts like this?  If you actually want to enjoy yourself, negative thinking and doubts need to be shot down before they even finish their depressing sentences. 

To really bring about what you're thinking about, of course you need to believe in it. You need to invest in this image as much as you've invested in the miserable ones. Make it your business to believe in positive possibility.

Fears will crop up, because they are trying to drive the dread of what's ahead. They'll sneak in and whisper that it's not possible, there's no point, it's always the same. Shut them down and just hit back with the image you've created of your very own merry Christmas. Fears are simply false evidence appearing real, it's nothing really concrete to go on. You need to be vigilant for their bullsh*t and bat each one back out as soon as it comes whirling towards you. 

4. Do what needs to be done.

The difference between this Santa list and the one that you probably last wrote, is you're going to need to be your own Saint Nick this time. You need to deliver the goods that you've asked for. Get into the workshop of your life and figure out what you need to start doing to create what you've said you wanted. What steps do you need to take? How much time do you need to put in? Get hands on about getting what you want. Make it happen for yourself.

It can be tricky to tackle all the many worries that have been stacking up in the run up to Christmas, so we need to keep it simple. Christmas is not about them. The season is not about food or looking a certain way or pleasing everyone or having the best of everything.

It's about something different to everyone, even if that's not in the forefront of our minds, we all have some idea of how we'd like it to play out. Whether it might seem tangible or not, the dream is there. To me, it just makes sense to bring that dream to the fore of our minds and let it be the soundtrack to our festive season.

What would you put on your letter to Santa?


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