10 Gifts to Give Yourself This Christmas

Conquering Christmas Week #4

The Christmas season is a fantastic opportunity for giving. A quick peek into any shopping centre this weekend would confirm just how eager we are to embrace this. We flock to the shops, lengthy lists in hand to seek out gifts for those special people in our lives. Hours go by agonising over decisions, joining never-ending queues and sitting in crawling traffic. 

It's no easy feat but we go through the rigmarole because we want to have something to give to others on Christmas day. We want to see them smile and we want to show that we were thinking of them. Not only do they benefit, but in the process of giving we end up feeling pretty good too.

But what about the most important person in our lives? Where are we on our lists? Considering the feel-good after effects, surely it'd make sense to give ourselves a bit of this love and thought too. Not only would we get to reap the beautiful benefits but it's even an easier gift to give because we know exactly what we need and want. No queuing, buying or sitting in traffic necessary.

Instead though, we can choose to be hard on ourselves, thinking we don't deserve anything or just trying so hard to please others that we forget ourselves. Under pressure and stress to take care of everyone else, we leave little resources to get ourselves the gifts we could actually really do with. 

So this Christmas, why not give yourself a stocking full of self-care? 
Here's some stocking filler suggestions, feel free to add to the list what you want from yourself this festive season.
  1. Kindness - How you speak to yourself and how you treat yourself could always do with an extra dollop of kindness. 
  2. Time - Allow yourself to take your time and ensure to make time for what you want.
  3. Space - If you need space, take it. Give yourself breathing space amidst all the hustle and bustle.
  4. Nourishment - Make choices that will nourish you, physically and mentally. Check in with your needs regularly and make sure you're nurturing them.
  5. Fun - Do something fun, something you really want to do and will enjoy. This is the perfect time to embrace a bit of fun. Take advantage of the ice rinks, movies, walks, sports, board games - whatever will make you smile is the gift you need to give.
  6. Connection - Instead of shrinking away from social situations, make the effort to give yourself the gift of connecting to others. Daunting as it may be, it usually turns out to be a lot less of a pain than expected. Now is a great time to catch up with people and really reconnect.
  7. Relaxation - it's the ideal opportunity now to slow down and take a restful break. Make time for relaxing and de-stressing in the way that best suits you. Light those scented candles, use up all the bath gift sets or turn on some music, whichever method will do it for you needs to be prioritised.
  8. Experience - what memorable experiences could you give yourself this Christmas? Use the time to go somewhere you want to go or do something you've been wanting to do. Make it special and make it yours.
  9. Forgiveness - the end of year can be a reflective time, so if you're looking back with guilt or regret, forgive yourself. Let yourself heal and move into the new year with a fresh slate.
  10. Breaking Free - Free yourself of limitations that have been keeping you stuck. Take stock of things that you might  be believing or doing that don't serve you and free yourself. 
The list could go on and on, so it's worth taking the time to think of what you could really do with at this moment in time. Don't keep it as a wishlist though, prioritise these gifts as you would any others. These are just as, if not more, important. 

Enjoy :)


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