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How to Enjoy Recovering from Mental Illness.

None of us ask for mental health issues, I think it’s fair to say that we don’t exactly go seeking it out. The diagnosis or various labels stuck onto us may also be quite unwelcome and often, we’d do just about anything to shake them off. What we can all choose to strive for once we’re aware of the issue, is recovering fully and living life free of the illness. Of course, it doesn’t just go away, let’s remember that it didn’t just arise overnight, so it takes a pretty hard grind to get rid of. With the mind being the core solution to helping ourselves out and ironically where our negativity has also taken prime place, we have a significant task ahead to change old thinking patterns and replace them with new positive perspectives. So it’s a journey, a unique, challenging and transformative journey.   And it can be a pain in the ass.  It can be tough, overwhelming and irritatingly slow. The roots of the problem are deep and they’ve taken a hold, so we need to both uproot

More Passion than Patience.

Life can be a bit of a hamster wheel on occasion. Each pace steadily exhausting us yet we seem to have nothing to show for it. Dizzied with monotony, when we do manage to step off we might just fall over initially,   our feet so tired of stepping aimlessly one in front of the other that the only option seems to be to go on strike altogether. But at least then we can choose to either pick ourselves back up and walk away or crawl back into the dizzying discomfort. We never have to stay on the hamster wheel. My hamster wheel felt like it was on fire sometimes and I was running but going nowhere, matches firmly within my grip unable to really say why I kept it alight. But I got out of that one and I discovered the world that exists outside of it and the potential and opportunity open to me, tumbling out in all directions. I discovered that I am bursting with passion for life, the wonderful, messy, uncertain and exciting place that exists beyond that little wheel of spiralling nega