When it just feels too hard…

…just hold on.
Hold onto something…anything, and simply refuse to let go, no matter what demons plague your mind with reasons you ‘should’ or even ‘must’ let go.
Hold onto a family member. They don’t even have to be close to you. They may need you in the future and you want to be there for them, and strong enough to help them, if and when they do.
Hold onto a friend. You don’t need to have known them long and you may not even speak in a couple of years’ time. But at this moment in time, someone knows you and sees you fairly regularly and would love to see you feeling good and happy. You mightn’t yet even realise that they are a friend.
Hold onto a dream. The wonderful thing about dreams is they are even better if they don’t make too much sense. Your dream doesn’t need to be at all reasonable. No one else might support it. You might even be embarrassed to share it. But hold onto it. Because one day, standing in a place that is far happier than that in which you now find yourself, you could look back and thank yourself profusely for doing so.
Hold onto your faith. You do not have to believe in God to believe in something. Have faith in something or someone and hold that faith tightly.
A dying friend once told me she had stopped believing in God long before that but she believed in people. Shoe told me emphatically, “I believe in YOU”. I was really struggling at the time and that moved me greatly and stuck with me. The faith other people had in my ability to overcome my demons was a powerful helping force for which I will forever be grateful. The truth is that faith can move mountains.
Hold onto an animal friend, a hobby, your appreciation of nature, a happy memory, a hope for the future. Hold onto your desire to see what you think of as a social wrong being righted (you may only be one person, but you could sign a petition, send an email, join a campaign group etc).
Or simply hold on to the knowledge that you matter, even if you have no idea, at the moment, how that could be true.
You were born, so you matter. That’s that.

So, hold on.x


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