Recovery is Real!

For many years I felt that life was about pleasing others, about taking on their opinions for my life, about doing what they wanted, about being influenced by the status quo, about how I was expected to live my life, whether this suited me or not. but now I know differently. Now I know you have the right to live your own life without expectation from others, and in a way that meets your values.  It is ok to put yourself first and believe in yourself and the power of “I

I have witnessed first hand how the power of positivity and the power of “I”,  can completely change a persons life.

I had a daughter who suffered from mental health problems for many years but recently she was told that she was recovered.  This was not something that came easily or that came quickly but instead it was planted as a seed in her mind and with lots of nurturing and lots of TLC has come into full blossom only to come to full fruition when she has achieved full freedom.

This beautiful person suffered many of the symptoms of mental health issues from self harming, to suicidal thoughts, depression, complete anxiety, social isolation, agoraphobia, eating distress, etc etc etc. But on getting the right help has recovered.

This recovery came about as a result of several factors and much support, but at the end of the day had to be done by the person herself.  She had a therapist, a care worker, a nutritionist and a doctor to monitor her progress.  She had people who loved her and believed in her, but still she had to do the work. She had to engage, she had to work hard and she had to believe that recovery was possible.  She had to trust the process and at the same time be both patient but also aware that only she could make the changes that needed to be made.

A lot of the work she engaged in was to change her thought process, see the world in more of a positive way than a negative way.  See set backs as challenges not failures, learn from things that didn’t work out and find a different way of doing them.  She learnt the power of “I”, as in “I” am important, I am good enough, I have opinions, I have a place in this world.  I am my own best friend!

She learnt to be kind to herself, to give herself a chance and not always demand perfection from herself and her body. She learnt mind body connection, she learnt to believe in herself. These and many other helpful tools have gotten her to where she is today.  I had a daughter with mental health problems now I have a happy, healthy, successful young lady who is once again enjoying life.

Positivity and Negativity are two very powerful concepts and they can influence how we see our life and how we live our life.  Many people who suffer from mental health issues can only see the negatives in their lives, they ruminate on all they have gone through or are going through, they tend to see the light at the end of the tunnel as an oncoming train. But with lots of work and lots of positive thinking this can change and if really wanted and really worked at will change.

Image result for recovery is possible quotesRecovery is there for everyone, you just need to reach out and take that initial step, and then commit yourself to some hard but very worthwhile work. I know first hand that it’s possible, after all I have witnessed it!!


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