Mental fitness

How fit are you??

When asked this question everyone presumes they are being asked how physically fit they are and for some they love the idea and for others it is a nightmare question. Some will be ready to jump in with how often they go to the gym, or how many press ups they can do or how many lengths of the pool they can swim.  Others will groan and wither and embarrassedly say, oh, not very fit, I meant to go but………
But fitness is not only a physical thing.  How fit are you mentally?  How much time do you give to your mental state.  How often do you give it the chance to relax, to just be?  instead of living in a state of have to do this, should have done that, need to get here and all of the time pushing ourselves to the limit.
So for people who find themselves in a negative state of mind ask yourself, how fit am I mentally?  What tlc do I give to my mental health.  Do I constantly berate myself/my thoughts for being negative.  Do I ever give myself a chance to just stop. Do I even recognise that I am thinking negatively.  Do I always feel “woe is me”? The world is against me. Nothing ever works out for me!
I am presently doing a bit of study and the two fields I am studying are fascinating.  There are so many cross overs between the two that it is amazing, but throughout both of them the whole thing of positivity and body mind connection is huge.  It is suggested that the body and mind are one rather than being two separate entities.  The power of the mind is absolutely huge and it can basically make or break situations, life experiences and our health.
If we go around all the time with a negative mind set, then doom and gloom will seem to follow us through life.  If however, we try and change that to one of positivity even just for one thing in our life at a time, it can have a very profound effect on our life.  My daughter has gone through an eating disorder and the core to her recovery has been the changing of her mindset.  Believing in yourself, believing in your own abilities.  Believing there is no such thing as failure, but rather information for change. Believing that full recovery is possible if you want it and work for it. This change in her mental state, in her mental fitness, in her mental attitude has changed her life.

  •   We can all change our lives by first and foremost taking responsibility for ourselves.  No one other than you is responsible for you.
  • We can stop making excuses and instead change things to get the results we want.
  •   Accept that there is no such thing as failure.  If something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, then change something.  Learn from it and learn to move on.
  •   Wake up in the morning and tell yourself it’s going to be a good day.  Use this as a mantra if and when negative thoughts creep in.

  •  Give yourself breathing space.  Give your brain time to just be.  Sit with yourself even if it’s just for 5 minutes sit in peace with your mind and spirit. Focus on your breathing and nothing else.
  • Take control of your life, instead of letting life control you. 
  •  Change your behaviours, some of which have been with us for a life time, but new ones if practiced regularly can become the new norm.
  • Get rid of fears.
  • Be prepared to make mistake. 
  •  If what people say is true and mind body connection is real, then with having a healthy mindset we can change the way we feel and think.  We can change the way we behave.
  • Credit yourself for what you do/achieve each day.

  •  Do positive affirmations to maintain a positive mental attitude. 
  •   Do a gratitude list each day.  You may ask “a what list?” What have I to be grateful for?  Sometimes we find it difficult to find things to be grateful for when all around us seems hopeless. But stop for a minute and realise the things that you take for granted - Like just getting up each day, maybe eating/drinking each day, the fact that you are breathing, that your body is functioning, that you have the ability to read and write, that you have the ability to think and reason. Be grateful for all these basic things, and then stop and ponder on what else you can be grateful for.  You will soon be coming up with a long long list, and this too will help to get your mind fit!!

Mental health fitness is as important as physical fitness.  So how about giving it a try. Life after all is for living so why not do it in a way that is healthy and happy.



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