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Mental fitness

How fit are you?? When asked this question everyone presumes they are being asked how physically fit they are and for some they love the idea and for others it is a nightmare question. Some will be ready to jump in with how often they go to the gym, or how many press ups they can do or how many lengths of the pool they can swim.   Others will groan and wither and embarrassedly say, oh, not very fit, I meant to go but……… But fitness is not only a physical thing.   How fit are you mentally?   How much time do you give to your mental state.   How often do you give it the chance to relax, to just be?   instead of living in a state of have to do this, should have done that, need to get here and all of the time pushing ourselves to the limit. So for people who find themselves in a negative state of mind ask yourself, how fit am I mentally?   What tlc do I give to my mental health.   Do I constantly berate myself/my thoughts for being negative.   Do I ever give myself a chance to