Is being Suicidal an Excuse???

At a recent meeting of Dare to Live SOS a member brought up Andres Lubitz and the perceived justification of his killing 150 people because he was suicidal. It was agreed at the meeting that we would write an article on the blog and get people talking about it.

I initially agreed with the concept and later agreed to write the article, but have subsequently re thought the whole subject.

In the original article I was quite controversial and posed the question – Are his actions excusable because he was suicidal or is he guilty of mass murder?  I likened him to the many suicide bombers who have deliberately taken not only their own lives but those of many innocent people.  I suggested that he is as guilty of mass murder as these suicide bombers. 

But then our blog is about promoting hope, it’s about promoting recovery and it’s about promoting survival over suicide. As a group we do not believe that suicide is an excuse and nor is it the only answer.  We believe that there are always choices, there is always a solution.

Suicide is not an illness, it is the action taken to stop the pain of an illness.  It is therefore not an excuse for taking 150 other peoples lives.

This man, from the evidence that is coming out made decisions, he researched his subject, he ignored medical advice and he was very calculating in the way he ended up in the cock pit by himself.

We cannot judge him as no one knows another persons mind or thoughts.  But also we should not excuse the fact that what he did was wrong and that being suicidal does not justify what he did.

Many of us have suicidal thoughts, many of us have attempted suicide but all of us have sought out the help and support needed to get us out of this frame of mind.  All of us have taken responsibility for our own recovery.  This man knowing he had mental health problems had a duty of care to himself and to others around him, a duty for whatever reason he chose to ignore.

So for anyone out there who is struggling, please reach out, talk to someone, anyone, take responsibility, suicide it not necessarily about ending your life but instead about ending your pain.  This pain can in many cases be softened by getting help and or completely resolved.  Sometimes we need to understand our pain, understand how to deal with it, learn from it, grow from the experience and then let it go. 

 Suicide is a permanent solution
      to a temporary problem.


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