The grass is always greener... where you water it.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘The grass is always greener on the other side.’

And of course, it’s natural to occasionally lust after a life that’s idealistic; to maybe dream of escaping elsewhere, delving into a different way of living. Maybe we’re busy envying the lives of others, our green eyed monster painting a picture of superiority that we’re dying to seize.

Whatever the case, this mindset will only ever hinder happiness. There’s a quote that says,

‘The grass is greener where you water it’

and to remember this, is to find contentment.

In a world rife with opportunity, it’s easy to feel trapped by the routines we’ve crafted for ourselves. When our own minds are minimizing our life experience that feeling is amplified further. Life can become a series of habits and plans, clocking in and clocking out, wondering where the time goes. Yet we know there’s exploring to be done, memories to make and lessons to be learnt. We know that we need to get back wholeheartedly into life again.

When we realise we’re stuck in an unfulfilled rut, it can feel like we’ve no control, spending most of our time wishing we were anywhere but right here, stagnant and frustrated. Thoughts can easily wander to the exciting experiences and adventures waiting to be embraced, but remaining just out of reach.

And that’s ok, it happens. 

But you’ve got to realise that you are not locked up in a cell, peering out at an unattainable ideal. The word ‘reality’ does not necessitate frustration or fear. The whole world is real and tangible, with unlimited green grass.

You can bring that world into your reach, but first consider these:


When life isn’t going as planned, sometimes a little voice starts telling you that it’ll unquestionably be better elsewhere; you’ll leave your problems at home, find that perfect place and happiness will inevitably ensue.

If you’re going to seek your ideal, ensure that you’re not just running away from having to cope. Remember that your guaranteed travel partner is always You. So if you’re not happy in your skin or your mind, even the lushest pastures will not bring you happiness. Create an internal satisfaction that is finally enough, that requires nothing more. Validate yourself, trust yourself, and learn to love yourself. 


How often do you stop and think of how lucky you actually are? The constant desire for more prevents us from being truly content with what we’ve already got. Be grateful for where you are in your life right now. Maybe there’s nothing actually wrong with your grass, you just weren’t looking at it with grateful eyes. 


If you still feel like life isn’t where you want it, take control. This is your life. You alone have the power to make the grass as green as you would like. Take the time to dream a little, mull over what truly makes you excited and then make plans to go get it. Stop talking about it, stop complaining that you don’t have it and go get it. 

When we’re more content within ourselves, our goals and desires are clearer. They don’t have to be huge or extravagant, but they will enhance and nurture the meadows of our lives. 

Grab that watering can and nourish what you have within your grasps now.


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