The Mask

I met the Mask when I was just 17 years old. I fell in love with it. It told me that it would protect me and look after me for all my life.

Well as the years unfold in our lives yes, it did protect me from life - my own life that is. Once I lived by it’s rules and conditions my life was being driven by the mask rules.

It told me how to dress, what to drink, how to behave, whom my friends should be, where I should work. Sometimes I was bold enough to challenge the mask’s rules. From time to time, I did escape with friends and family but once I returned home the Mask would be waiting with it’s words of anything but kindness.

Roll on 35 years and something happened in my life to make me STOP and see that the Mask was actually not a nice mask at all – it served no protection. It merely blinded and misguided me.

I decided to take off the Mask and look at the world without it.  And guess what?

I like what I see.

I am a strong person who can live life without the Mask - without it’s rules, regulations, control and conditions.

I have taken off the mask and am slowly (but surely) pealing away the glue that stuck the mask on. Life has sunshine, laughter, lightness, happiness, fun, freedom, kindness… all the things I value in life.

So I say to anybody who has a mask stuck to their face;

take it off.

Look at the world without it. You might be pleasantly surprised that you like the world of freedom and more importantly, that the world likes you without the Mask.

Be brave, be courageous - make today your day in your own life.


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