Sunday Suggestion

The beginning of March has arrived and tomorrow begins a brand new week. 
New starts can be a great opportunity to look ahead and set ourselves up with the potential of more spring in our step.

Sometimes Sundays can be tricky days, particularly if the week ahead is daunting; back to the grind of work, early mornings, trying to figure out what we're going to do or what we have to face, how we're going to deal with another batch of days to get through...

But Sundays can also give us a chance to take time to support ourselves and gain strength for that path we embark on from Monday to the following Sunday.

I remember coming across the topic of self support in a care-work session and finding it quite intriguing but at the same time, almost foreign. It would never have really crossed my mind before, I've always been pretty proficient in being hard on myself - 'support myself? But... I hate myself.' 

I now love the idea and practice it as much as I feel I need to. Self support is basically what it says on the tin; supporting yourself.

You can be there for yourself. You can help yourself and support yourself in overcoming challenges and rising above negativity. You can cheer yourself on and applaud when you do well. You can give yourself credit where credit is due.

It might not come naturally though, at first.

I know for me, I was so used to berating myself, entertaining a relentless barrage of self punishment and feeling like I was actually the enemy that self support was the furthest thing from mind. 

But when you think about it, it just doesn't make sense to be constantly fighting against yourself, being in your own way and preventing yourself from feeling truly supported and ok in your life.

Imagine if you were to turn that around and start being your own support. 
Imagine if you were to pick yourself up when you're down instead of pushing yourself down further.

Changing our self talk takes practice, and patience - something that can be hard to channel, but so worth it in the end. Your mind's voice is the running commentary to your life - are you cheering or jeering yourself?

My suggestion this Sunday is to start to support yourself.

Look at the week ahead and prepare yourself. How can you ensure that you get the most out of this week? Or even get a few positives along the way? 
What do you want out of this week and how can you assist yourself in achieving it?

Self Support tips;

- Kind self talk - think of how you would speak to someone you love and internalise it.
- Say STOP to negative thinking - just shut it right up. 
- Listen to your needs - sleep, nourishment, rest, space, time out - get what you need.
- Apply self care - do things that make you feel good.
- Look for the good in each moment - you can see a dandelion as either a wish or a weed, it's all about what you choose to see.
- Allow compassion for yourself - you are doing your best, learn from mistakes and don't fear making them.
- Take challenges one at a time - your world can be as overwhelming as you want, or you can segment it into manageable little pieces and chip away one at a time.
- Give yourself time - play for time where you need to and give yourself space. 
- Give yourself credit - this is so important, don't play any of your accomplishments down.  If something was testing, then achieving it was damn admirable. Say 'Well done' to yourself and keep saying it until you feel genuinely proud.

I think a good thing to remember in self support is how you would treat others. When other people are trying their best you wouldn't tell them 'it's still not enough', so why say it to yourself?



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