Inspiration - Stop 'Liking' it, start living it

Inspiration is sort of everywhere isn’t it? When we’re actively looking for it, it declares itself into various avenues of our lives. Taking a trip to a gig, setting your sights on a painting, or losing yourself in someone’s writing can provide inspiration beyond measure. Countless places in our lives are the birthplace of inspiration, the place where we look at the work of another and refuel our own passion, the itch of creativity tickling our minds.

But nowadays right at our fingertips, it seems there’s more available than ever. Without having to even get up and go anywhere, we can dive into a world of inspired minds and creators. People doing what we want to do, people who are following their dreams, people who have overcome a serious struggle.

It just takes one look across our extensive world of social media, with a quick search for #inspiration numerous results willingly greet our hungry eyes. There’s blogs, quotes, pictures, talks, and videos not to mention the array of articles that would appeal to the aspirational appetite in each of us. And we seek this inspiration constantly.

Any social media platform with an option to search can show the significant sum of interest in inspiring ideas. We engage in these searches, we ‘like’ or ‘favourite’ those that strike a chord and if they ignite that inspired inferno in our belly, they might even get a retweet.

It’s great that there’s so much out there, it’s great that there’s so many words or images that can make us feel something and allow us see our lives in a different light. I know that from my own experience of challenging times, I’d be quick to hit up Instagram to inspire positivity or follow someone on twitter who could motivate me to find a spark of hope in my life.

But how often does our search for inspiration push us to actually leading inspired lives. The click of a button is short lived so is our inspiration just as fleeting? If we were to live all the ideas we ‘liked’, where could it get us?

I love getting inspired, I love reading something and then for the following week having ideas bouncing against the walls of my mind or seeing something that brings me to my feet with renewed energy. But that needs to be followed by the action of writing or moving and so it goes with any inspired thought – we need to act on them.

With an incredible influx of inspiration flowing into our brains all the time, we’ve got to grab hold of some before they flow straight back out. After idly drifting through Instragram posts hashtagged with the promise of inspiration for the umpteenth time, I realised I actually want to implement some of these into my own life.

So how can we bridge the gap between finding inspiration and living an inspired life?

Choose one – Among the litany of possibilities out there, pick just one source of inspiration that really resonates with you. Something that speaks to you personally, awakens your passion and makes sense with where you would like to be.
For me, one of the first I picked was a quote, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’. It inspired me to make my actions match what I want to see, what I want to promote and what I consider important. It doesn’t have to be in grandiose, ground-breaking ways but even just trying to incorporate ideas of value into the day-to-day, every day.

There have been plenty of others I’ve set my mind on too from music to movement to poetry, but I found it easiest to focus solely on one at a time and commit to applying it.

Live by it – Make it a mantra; a thought so prominent in the forefront of your mind that it spills out into your voice and actions persistently. Make sure to remember why it evoked something in you and apply it as often as you can.

Paint, write, and move to the soundtrack of your inspired mind. Keep tapping into it to refuel your motivation and keep you on track in the direction of your ambition. Imagine what you could do if you acted on what inspires you every single day.
That image doesn’t need to stay confined to the imagination.

Share it – What you create when you’re bursting with inspired ideas is always worth spreading. It’s full of substance, energy and your very own potential amplified. Quite often the ideas that have kicked you into gear are the same ones that you’ll instil in others when you translate inspiration into your way of life.

Sometimes even just by you living a life founded on inspiration causes a ripple effect into the eyes of others. Keep at it, keep living it and keep seeking it in the world around you.
So let’s get our asses up from the spectator seat of observing inspiration and immerse ourselves into our very own inspired lives.


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