For the 50 - Somethings

You can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Really, whoever decided this? Life is for living and that means living until the day you die.

I have grown up with a few phobias, one of which was a massive fear of dogs and the other was being claustrophobic. But recently, I went away and packed a different mindset to the normal one.

This time, I decided that I wanted to achieve something outside my comfort zone. I wanted new things and new experiences in my life. I wanted to be a participator instead of a spectator. I, as in the real me, wanted to make changes in my normally responsible, safe yet half-living life.

The people I was staying with have two dogs, one is a boxer cross pit bull breed and the other is a huntaway cross collie breed. To say that this was a daunting prospect would be an understatement as I was cornered by two boxer dogs as a child. They cornered me between a pillar and a wall and snarled, barked and threatened me. So, what do I do - stay in a costly hotel or stay with these people? The old me was temped to stay in a hotel, but I also knew that that was not going to happen.

So I decided with my new found courage and new found thirst for change that I would get to know these dogs and get comfortable around them, and actually did so within a half hour of arriving there! By the time I was leaving the boxer/pitbull and I were best buddies and even snuggled up on the couch together!

The other fear I had to conquer was the claustrophobia, and this was also the one thing that was going to push me way outside my comfort zone because, I really wanted to participate in an event and not just be a spectator.

I needed to be able to wear a snorkel and mask as I was going swimming with wild dusky dolphins. I needed to not panic, I needed to trust in myself and I also needed to trust in a wild mammal!  I was not going to be in control, this was unpredictable and this was way outside of my comfort zone.

Not only did I overcome my fear, step outside my comfort zone and make changes at this stage of my life.  But I also experienced something so humbling that it will stay with me for many years to come.  I went into unknown territory, the territory of the dolphin who engaged with us, who trusted us and who did not judge us. They swam beside us, above us and around us, never touching but right beside us. It was a truly beautiful experience.

So to everyone in the 50 somethings or whatever age group you come into, change is always possible.  Don’t just settle with your lot, whatever that may be.

Step outside your comfort zone, make new memories, and don’t let life drag you down.  

It's easy to just drift in life and settle for what you have been used to but believe me there is so much more out there.  The sky really is the limit.

Be the change you want to see!!!!


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