Sunday Suggestion

Good morning!

It's Sunday, it's a beautiful day. And guess what? Today has potential. 
Every single day when you wake up, you have the power to set your day up and entertain a world of options for how it's going to play out. 

My suggestion for today is to think about the following questions throughout the day:

Does this serve me?

If I play the tape out - how will this go?

There's so many habitual behaviours that we engage in when we don't feel ok. We might over-analyse, hold grudges, compare, harm ourselves, numb ourselves through behaviours, think negatively, push people away etc. 
Quite often we do it just because we've done it for so long that we don't even question why. That's just 'what we do', 'we can't help it', 'we lose control', 'what else can we do?' These actions might offer some kind of solace or relief, but in the long run, do they serve us? Will this action help or hinder my day?

You are in control of your life even if you don't always park your bottom in the driver seat, the option to do so is always there. You can change how your day goes at any time. You can STOP the minute before you do something destructive and say This will not serve me, I'm not doing this.

But, I'm not going to play it down - it is challenging and it takes practice. 
Start by just allowing those questions come up and see what answers you have.

I remember on 'bad' days, my music choices, my entertainment choices, my behavioural choices, my attitude - all of which negatively impacted both myself and anyone who came near me. I would plunge into a world of depressing music - because they 'get me' in my woe - I would snap at anyone trying to communicate with me - because they don't 'understand'- I would get caught up in behaviours, take my angst out on myself - because I hated myself..
It became routine, it became a vicious cycle. And it never made anything better. It kept me stuck, destructive and isolated.

It wasn't just one day that I decided to stop, but I started thinking about those questions and why I was doing what I was doing and still sometimes I'll ponder them in my day to day decisions.

We get something out of everything we do. Even if what we're getting is punishment to ourselves, it's something we think we deserve so it still serves that purpose. 

We need to shift that way of thinking and realise that if we don't think this behaviour would serve a loved one, it's probably not such a good idea for us either.

Think of what you would like to be doing, all of the things that could actually serve you. Think of your day as the bursting box of potential that it is.

Get into that driver seat and start steering.


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