Self-Love on Valentine's Day

Me, Myself and I; the most important trio in my world. They say the key to happiness is self acceptance and self love- and I'm working on it!

Three or four Valentine's Days ago in a group therapy session, the facilitator gave us all teeny-tiny notebooks (I think they were covered in hearts) and tiny little bubble wands- pink and red! We had to write something nice about ourselves in the notebook. Now don't get me wrong; I loved the notebooks. But I did NOT love the idea of writing nice things about myself. I would have much preferred to write a list of grievances à la 10 Things I Hate About You! I probably cooperated, (likely) through gritted teeth and forced smiles.

But now I can genuinely say some nice things about myself and show myself love. I wish I could write sonnets and revel in verbose proclamations of love; but I'm not there yet. It's all about progress I guess! I'm sure next Valentine's Day I'll like myself a bit more.

Dear Me,  
I love that you're kind.
I love that you always give things a chance.
I love that you don't quit easily.
I love that you're creative.
I love that you get excited when you realise you've got mail.
I love that your hail smells nice.
I love that you have twelve pink nail polishes.
I love that you care about animals.
I love that you sing along even when you don't know the words.
I love that you respect your elders.  

How about you write some things you love about yourself. If you can't stretch to love- try a list of things that you like about yourself. If you can't stretch to things you like about yourself- try a list of things you don't hate. Baby steps are ok!

Come on, you know what to do.


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