Inferiority and Guilt versus Admiration and Learning

Many of us have read, heard or perhaps seen a biopic of someone whom has overcome hardship to succeed in the face of adversity. We learn of people like Louis Zamparini and Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey and we think of how inspirational their stories are. But some of us don't stop there. We might also believe that these are inherently "better people" than us and consider ourselves unfairly lucky that we have not experienced the same hardship as they have.
I could go into a detailed explanation of what my own mind has done with such potential inspiration in the past. I could outline how I managed to sap many such stories of their power to motivate me, by over-analysing my own circumstances to the point that I "deserved" whatever difficulties I experienced because I'd had it "too easy" thus far.
But I won't.
Because that was rubbish.
Now, I hear of wonderful people who tried and "failed" (whatever it even is to fail) and tried again...and again and again as necessary, to achieve a goal, and I think "Wow, people are so strong. I am a person, like any other. There fore I am strong." I also think about how grateful I am for my blessed life. I remember that there is no point whatsoever in me depriving myself in an effort to "balance" the universe. It doesn't work like that.
If I wish to "pay back" for how fortunate I am, the best way I can do so is by appreciating my own gifts, talents and the people and experiences that make me happy. Enjoying my life is my right. I do not have to earn it.
And as for the people who have worked hard to earn the comfort and contentment - and possibly riches and fame - they achieved in the end, I can look to them as models whose example I might follow in different ways in my own life. I can admire their courage and hope and believe that, if the need arose, I could display the same strength and determination.
The bottom line is: People are special and powerful and unique.
You are a person, so this applies to you too, whether or not you choose to believe it.
You are brilliant.


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