For The 50-Somethings

It's never too late to find a happier you!

I come into that category of 50 somethings and have just embarked upon a journey of "Who am I?" and "What do I want?"

My life as a child was difficult; my parents fought all the time. So I tried to please both of them. I tried to be the peace maker, I came between them to stop the arguments.

Then my father died when I was a teenager. My mother was so wrapped up in herself and her grief that we kids just had to carry on. At 19 I was diagnosed with reactive depression.

Life continued - I married, had children, worked and continued on the road of concentrating on others. Some of my children are/have gone through emotional distress, and all of my time and energy has gone into supporting them, completely forgetting about my own needs.

Now however, they have grown up, are doing well by themselves, and once again there is just me and my husband, or for the greater part of the day - just me! And I am feeling lost. I don't work at the moment, my kids are grown up and once again depression creeps into my very being!

But, last Friday, I found Hope.

I have decided to start taking control of my life.

There is so so much in the world that we all deserve but the biggest things are to be happy, be content and be your own best friend.

So all you 50- somethings (or whatever -something you are!) stop thinking 'Ah it's too late', or 'this is my lot', or even 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'. 

Change is there, it is possible, you just have to open your mind, body and soul to it.

Don't just settle, because we all deserve more.


  1. Love this blog, really inspiring, thank you.

  2. Thank you very much. You are both very kind. Exciting times ahead. :) Life is what we make it.

  3. Thanks guys for the feedback :)


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