Simple advice can often do the trick!

Sometimes I used to get so irritated when people offered me advice. Sure what did they know? They didn't understand what it felt like to want to die, so why should I listen to them?

Well, I've since learned that sometimes the people with the best advice, are actually the ones who "don't get it".

If you think about it, those Advice Givers have somehow managed to figure out a way to live their life so that they don't get sucked down the Black Hole. They still have difficulties of course, because we are all human. They still get hurt, struggle with money, have difficulties in their jobs, fights in their families, bereavements and so forth, but yet they manage to cope.

When they suggest you focus on all the good in your life, they actually have a point!
Maybe it would be helpful to think about your blessings.

When they suggest to just distract yourself from your problems, they actually have a point!
Maybe it would be helpful to throw on a movie or get out for some fresh air.

When they suggest an early night, (because tomorrow is a new day)- they actually have a point!
Maybe going to bed a bit earlier will give you a break from the noise in your your head.

When they suggest 'calming down' (my goodness I hated that one!) they actually have a point!
Maybe it would be helpful to take a really really deep breath and try to relax a bit. 

So- next time someone comes at you with all that advice that makes you want to run in the opposite direction, it's worth taking a second to see if what they're suggesting might be worth a try!

I eventually realised that some of the simplest advice was actually the most beneficial.


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