Dream Bigger than Getting Smaller.

As the New Year quickly approaches, it can be challenging to escape the 'resolutions' chatter. People take the change in year as an opportunity for growth and to create new habits to bring into the new year... and they like to talk about it too. Social media for example, is quite likely to be rife with the newfound commitments to diet, fitness and various other means of self 'improvement' in the next few days.

While self improvement is always admirable, it's important to ensure that the actions to achieve this match your values and you know why you're doing what you're doing. For me, I don't want to lose weight or suddenly become a gym member from January 1st because quite simply; I don't want to promote a value in thinness. I don't want to feed into an industry that makes money off our insecurity and it's important to me to take that stand and not tumble into the 'diet starts tomorrow' crew.
But I can't say I'm in the majority.

It's a time of year where there is pressure from all angles. Pressure to make such a commitment, pressure to value those things, pressure to even have an answer prepared when someone asks that question. We don't need a single ounce more pressure on ourselves, so we need to protect ourselves.

When you're in recovery, or working on yourself, you're making these kinds of decisions all the time. You're seeking self improvement and methods of personal development, so January 1st is just another day to keep practicing your positive habits. You're already a step ahead, but because you may not be shouting it from the rooftops, people don't always realise.

That being said, it can be motivating to have things to look forward to in the coming year. You can create a picture of what you would like, without the pressure of 'having to succeed', or jump on the 'New Year - New me' bandwagon, just some things that you think would be nice to have in life.

If you change the word 'resolution' to 'dream', what could you come up with instead?

How could this time next year be?
What would I like to do more of this year? 
Would I like to go to scenic places, teach the dog some tricks, start a craft, learn to bake...
Would I like to write more, read more, make recovery more of a priority, go out more...
Would I like to discover more about myself? Would I like to mend some relationships?
Is there any events coming up that I would like to attend? 
Would I like to travel this year?
Would I like to do a clear out of my room? Would I like to take more photographs?

What would you like 2015 to bring?

If you allow yourself to dream, what does your mind come up with?

2015 can be what we make it, there's potential in every new day but ensure that what you say you want is really what is coming from the heart. Don't deny yourself the action of dreaming.

Dare to dream...

Dare to Live.

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