Christmas Day Helpline

Christmas can be a challenge for some of us, but as with every challenge There is Always a Solution.
For any feeling that Christmas may bring up - positive, negative, strong or faint - it can be good to have someone to share it with. If you're feeling like that pair of ears may be lacking, Dare to Live SOS will have ours open to you;

On Thursday, December 25, 2014 - 12:00 to 15:00


Even if you just want to say hello, or connect with someone and melt that feeling of loneliness, there will be someone to listen.

The blog will also be a resource if you just want a source of inspiration, you can search through the posts and find something to give you that lift.
Twitter is also a good source of quick tips and motivation or even just a quote that could turn your thinking around.
 Twitter: @SurvivalOS
Christmas can be a wonderful time even if the wonder comes in mere moments, you can still enjoy it and be a part of the celebration, you just need to find your own way of helping yourself do that. Use the resources, believe in yourself and know that it will get better.
Have a very merry Christmas :) 


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