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Dream Bigger than Getting Smaller.

As the New Year quickly approaches, it can be challenging to escape the 'resolutions' chatter. People take the change in year as an opportunity for growth and to create new habits to bring into the new year... and they like to talk about it too. Social media for example, is quite likely to be rife with the newfound commitments to diet, fitness and various other means of self 'improvement' in the next few days. While self improvement is always admirable, it's important to ensure that the actions to achieve this match your values and you know why you're doing what you're doing. For me, I don't want to lose weight or suddenly become a gym member from January 1st because quite simply; I don't want to promote a value in thinness. I don't want to feed into an industry that makes money off our insecurity and it's important to me to take that stand and not tumble into the 'diet starts tomorrow' crew. But I can't say I'm in the majo

So.. What now?

Well, the big day has come and gone. Regardless how it went, the remnants of Christmas will stick around for another little while yet. Whether it’s the endless leftovers causing anxiety or the decorative reminders or even just the fact that work or education hasn't recommenced it can feel like a messy time. Lack of structure and an excess of triggers can leave us feeling a little lost and craving routine and solutions. Quite often we spend so much time preparing for the challenges of that one difficult day that as soon as it’s over, we can crash. Getting through Christmas Day is certainly an achievement but what about the following days? Are your tools just put back into the toolbox or are you keeping them in hand, ready for more? In the days after Christmas, it’s good to keep the following in mind:   Credit. Give yourself credit for getting through a challenging time and acknowledge your strength in doing so. I've definitely found that a deficit in credit wil

Christmas Day Helpline

Christmas can be a challenge for some of us, but as with every challenge There is Always a Solution.   For any feeling that Christmas may bring up - positive, negative, strong or faint - it can be good to have someone to share it with. If you're feeling like that pair of ears may be lacking, Dare to Live SOS will have ours open to you; On Thursday, December 25, 2014 - 12:00 to 15:00 +353-1-8576901 Even if you just want to say hello, or connect with someone and melt that feeling of loneliness, there will be someone to listen. The blog will also be a resource if you just want a source of inspiration, you can search through the posts and find something to give you that lift.   Twitter is also a good source of quick tips and motivation or even just a quote that could turn your thinking around.   Twitter: @SurvivalOS   Christmas can be a wonderful time even if the wonder comes in mere moments, you can stil

Keep Believing in Recovery.

Who is this person who walks by my side? Who is this person who no longer wants to hide! Who is this person who now wants to be Alive and healthy for all to see. Who is this person who can hold her head high, Who is this person who no longer wishes to die, Who is this person who now says I CAN Who is this person who is willing to learn!. This is my daughter who has reclaimed her life, from emotional distress and all its strife! This is my daughter, alive today, to prove that HOPE is here to stay. Congratulations to everyone who fights this fight, It is not easy when you can't see the light. But be assured its there for you all Just learn to take steps, learn to walk tall. A beautiful poem, from a beautiful carer who has seen recovery in progress and how a life can change for the better.

What’s even going on? The importance in gaining clarity in life

Whatever way we choose to phrase it; finding our feet, figuring it all out or just plain trying to grow up, certain periods of our lives can be times of constant learning. There are often more questions than answers, more options than decisions and more things up in the air than within our grasp. Relationships, careers, and our dreams for the future are all left to hover around us like unfinished sentences, beginning with enthusiasm but trailing off when reality rudely interrupts. It’s like we know how we’re supposed to start but we’re not sure which words come next. It’s not exactly a period in our lives where we’ve ironed out all the kinks and our plans are crystal clear. We may not even be fully settled within ourselves, so how are we supposed to be establishing our place in this hectic world?

Be your own best friend

Learning to be your own best friend is one of the biggest know cures for loneliness. I know it sounds a bit mad, but read on before you make your mind up. You have been in your own company since that moment you took your first breath. You'll be there when you take your final breath. Apologies for getting a tad morbid, but if you think about it- you are the only true constant in your life. But right now, is that a self-supporting constant or are you being a big bully to yourself? While you are still breathing you have the very best friend a person could ask for. You know your own secrets and you laugh at your own jokes. Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who had a rocky time with other children while growing up. The girls on the street, and boys actually, had a particular dislike for me which my mother put down to the very non-progressive idea that they were just jealous. I struggled to see what they could be jealous of, and subsequently spent most my childhood i

Press Restart

Regardless what we’re recovering from, the journey we have embarked on is often a tediously long one. It’s not a straight line, it’s not a quick fix and this can be a severe headache to anyone on it. Sometimes the finish line seems to be nowhere in sight and when the process isn’t exactly progressing smoothly; we can wonder are we even still on the right track. However, as the saying goes, ‘what’s worth having doesn’t come easy’ and with so much to learn throughout this journey, it’s incredibly rewarding to do whatever you can to stick with it. It will get better and the entire trip will help to shape the recovered person you’re en route to being. As with any journey requiring this level of dedication, we need to accumulate a pretty hefty box of tools to assist with maintenance along the way. One such tool is to : Press Restart One of the things I’ve found helpful throughout my own journey, is just restarting. At any moment, we can simply start again. I know fr