You don't have to life with 'it' forever!

This morning I came across yet another person who was told they'd have to "live with their mental illness for the rest of their lives". This makes me very angry for so many reasons, mainly because: what a hopeless message that is to receive from a professional who is supposed to motivate you! Some say they're just being realistic, but I believe it's easier to say this to a sufferer than to promise you'll never give up on them.

Recovery from mental illness, emotional distress, dis-ease or whatever way you want to phrase it, is possible for EVERYONE. Full recovery is possible. It might take you a long time but if you're willing to work at it then it is there for you.

Every time someone tells you, or you tell yourself, that you will be stuck like this forever it is just affirming something to you that isn't even true. You'd be amazed what you believe if you hear it often enough.

Some people stop trying, yes. They give up and decide to settle for a half-life. But you don't have to! You really, really don't.

Doctors, psychiatrists, therapists aren't always right. In fact, they are human which means they are definitely not always right. Sometimes our loved ones have doubts. But you can prove everyone wrong :)

I was told I'd have to live with it. I was told I'd have to work part time and learn to manage it. Well peanuts to that!!! That professional was very wrong. And so were the other professionals who told me the same thing.

Think of all the miracles you've ever heard of! People told they'd never have babies, and then they fall pregnant. People told their chance of survival was incredibly grim, and then they bounced back. Every day there are thousands of people overcoming all sorts of obstacles and beating all the odds

We can all be free! I know you doubt it for yourself, we all do at times. But look at the survivors who have come out the other side. Let them fill you with hope. You get out of it what you put in. So put in the effort and surround yourself with people who believe in your ability to overcome any obstacle.

We believe in you! You do not have to live with anything.

If you want to recover, you'll find a way. 
If you don't, you'll find an excuse. 

Be the hero of your own story and prove the doubters wrong. Join the group of people who are living proof that recovery is there for everyone!


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