Things That Help at Christmas: Cards

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Things That Help at Christmas

Sorry the photo isn't great quality but sure I never claimed I was a photographer. I just wanted to share something simple that really helps me.

1. Christmas cards!

I got these ones in Paperchase

I know I often feel very alone, like I could poof into thin air and nobody would even notice. But if I think about who I'd like to send a Christmas card to then it's hard to deny that I feel a little better. You could even send anonymously if you want! You can send cards very cheaply these days. Most pound shops, or should I say euro stores, have packets for next to nothing. 

I know many people think Christmas cards are old fashioned in the age of electronic Christmas cards but sometimes it's worth resurrecting old traditions

Every year I write the cards for my parents to send to all their neighbours. I write them and my Dad plays postman. In school I used to buy the miniature ones and give everyone one. I'm sure there are a few people who felt a little better to be thought of. Human connection is very important in life. The giving and receiving of Christmas cards helps with this connection!

It's a nice distraction to shop for Christmas cards too! There's even lots of charity cards these days, so you can feel like you're supporting a good cause. 

I know that I will send far more than I will receive, but that's OK. I enjoy decorating the envelopes with Christmas tape. I enjoy writing in my red glitter pen. I like thinking of the people in my life and how I'm grateful for them, and practicing gratitude is always a helpful thing!

I love opening up a Christmas card, admiring the picture on the front and enjoying the sentiment inside. I also love displaying them in my sitting room- so much colour!

An Post even brings out Christmas stamps every year. This year the national stamps are of a little girl wearing an angel costume. It only costs 68c this year to post a card, and it's free if you deliver it yourself! Are there elderly neighbours on your street who would love a card? There is definitely someone in your life to send a card to!

I'm lucky enough to have penpals so I will send them a card too. It feels really satisfying to seal an envelope and think about the person who will then rip it open. 

If people in your life don't send Christmas cards, then that's OK. Gandhi had some wise words that usually apply to much deeper topics than cards, but it's still relevant here- be the change

Maybe you will start off a new tradition among your friends :)


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