Things That Help at Christmas: Being Social Media Savvy

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Things That Help at Christmas

One of the main things I realised about social media at Christmas was that I was going to have to open my eyes to the idea that many human beings have a tendency to pretend that their life is glitzier than it really is. They fill their Facebook pages with 'proof' of how popular they are and how busy they are. I can feel quite overwhelmed when social media becomes flooded with groups of 'happy' people in Christmas jumpers having their 12 Pubs or whatever other group activity is a) in vogue and b) provides a public platform to showcase one's shiny social life.

2. Tips for Being Social Media Savvy

1. Cut yourself a break. If you're struggling with merely breathing at the moment then it is more than OK to go easy on yourself. In fact, it's necessary. There's always next year :)

2. Remind yourself you have nothing to prove. Sometimes people are so  caught up with checking into places that they forget that life is for living, not just for documenting. You do not need to fill your Facebook with statuses about glitzy Christmas parties. Nowhere will you find that a requirement of life.

3. Feel free to say you don't enjoy something. Even if it seems like everyone else does! Own your individuality! Personally I find crowded pubs too overwhelming. And if a group arrives in and it's their 10th pub then it's no wonder I feel a pull to go hide under a table and wait it out.

4. Get curious about what you do like! Do you like Christmas lights? What about strolling around town with a cup of novelty Christmas-themed coffee? What about going to a Christmas panto? What about watching some of the free choirs around? What about watching a Christmas movie in your PJs? Figure out what you enjoy. Trial and error!

5. Stay switched on as you look at social media. Keep reminding yourself that Social Media World is not The Real World. You're not seeing the whole picture. Remember people show you what they want you to see. Keep reassuring yourself when you feel yourself starting to compare.


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