Pictures of life

If you look up, you'll notice life happening all around you. There are things to make you smile if you just look up. Take your eyes off the ground and notice the beauty.

Let me tell you about three little things that made me smile today.

1. Today while crossing a bridge in Dublin I saw a very little girl being dragged along by her Dad's hand. She was wearing a too-big-for-her Elsa (from Disney's Frozen- if you were living under a rock!) dress with colourful stripy woollen tights. She was clutching a cupcake in her other hand with green icing all over her face. She looked happy, and it made me smile.

2. This evening I put up my Christmas tree. I unplugged the lamp to check if the lights stilled worked. They worked! They lit up, and I caught myself smiling like a big child. When the tree was done I sat back and admired my work. The colours and the lights made me happy.

3. I was walking along a corridor today when I could see a young man smiling and laughing into a pram. I could see his face, but couldn't see into the pram. He wasn't speaking English so I don't know what he was saying. But eventually I got close enough to see why he was smiling. There was a baby dressed like an elf in the pram. Her little legs kept kicking into the air and she was squealing happily every time her dad spoke. It gave me a little lift to see something so simple.

Did you see anything that made you smile today? Did you notice the life happening around you?


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