Bucket Lists

Whether you hope to die age 100 with a cup of tea in your hand and a cat on your lap, or die age 50 on the greatest adventure of your life through the North Pole, then this is a post for you.

A few years ago I set myself a task to at least entertain the idea that I had a future, and that it could possibly be filled with some fun.

I dared myself to dream. And it helped! I never realised that I do actually have a long list of things I'd like to do before I die. I spent 2 hours writing up this list. And it really REALLY helped to lift my mood.

Do you have a Bucket List? If you don't, would you like one?


  • get married
  • have a baby
  • meet Ellen DeGeneres
  • learn to belly dance
  • learn to do the rubicks cube
  • do a colour run
  • bob about in the dead sea
  • fly first class
  • visit a haunted house
  • get to shoot a gun. a real one
  • send a message in a bottle
  • go to Eurodisney and Disneyworld
  • walk on the great wall of china
  • see pyramids
  • ride on an elephant
  • go to a wax museum
  • see the northern lights
  • be woken up by a rooster
  • rope swing into water
  • sleep under stars with no tent
  • snorkel the great barrier reef
  • stay in an icehotel in sweden
  • visit the REAL santa in the North pole
  • make my own fizz bombs for the bath
  • see a firefly
  • put my hand into wet concrete
  • learn to ride a unicycle
  • ride a zip-line
  • go skiing!
  • go to South Africa
  • get kicked out of somewhere for laughing too much
  • go on safari and see a real life lion/tiger/rhino/giraffe/elephant/zebra
  • own a real diamond ring
  • have a mudfight
  • rescue an dog and keep him forever
  • ride in a hot air balloon!
  • fly a plane, even for 30 seconds - one of those little ones
  • ice skate in central park in new york
  • learn to drive
  • crush grapes with my feet in a vineyard
  • have a food fight
  • have a paint fight
  • try on my friend's ballet pointe shoes
  • milk a cow
  • ride in a helicopter
  • see the Taj Mahal
  • see the Grand Canyon
  • go to Yellowstone National Park
  • go to a Post Secret event
  • go to platform 9 3/4 a la harry potter
  • save someone's life
  • go scuba diving
  • see something in The Olympics
  • see a firefly tree!
  • go to the glow worm caves in NZ

*Want to write your Bucket List? Ah go on :)

Entertain the idea of a future! 


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