Begin to Believe

Within our own personal journeys, we all have our ups and downs, unfortunately sometimes more of one than the other. So we all know that, inevitably, difficult times will hit.
They can catch us off guard as we trip up and plummet into them, or they can be the result of a long time struggling. It’s those days when we want to make it all stop, want to run away or press rewind, those are the days where we need a solution.
Throughout my journey, I have found myself in these times more than I would have liked to. And I have wondered how I can possibly continue.
It’s too hard, I can’t do this, it’ll never end.
But as I’m clearly still here, there’s always been something that kept me going. That something is my beliefs, my hope. I have some strong beliefs that I can grab onto with both hands when there seems to be nothing else and I trust that they’ll get me through.
These can be simple quotes, specific words or certain ideas that really mean something to you. They can be reminders that this pain or difficulty is not forever, that ‘this too shall pass’.
They can be the simple faith that ‘everything happens for a reason’, reassuring us that this setback is just our set up for a comeback
They can be the belief that someone cares about us and is rooting for us even if we’re not rooting for ourselves.
They can be simply that tomorrow will be better, that there is always hope, that we can take control of what happens next.
Beliefs are thoughts we can truly trust and when the world feels like it’s spiraling out of control, having something to catch on to is crucial. It’s not always easy to choose what to believe in though as trust can be difficult to allow into our lives. What if these thoughts aren’t true? What if nothing actually changes and the bad times stick around? What if our mind is too dark to entertain any positive outlook?
There’s times when those beliefs don’t connect to us enough and they don’t seem to be tangible ideas. They get lost in a whirl of negativity that’s taken up residence within. After all, they are external to us and can be so broadly applicable. So what do we do when they don’t work?
Well that’s when we learn that there’s really just one solid thing to believe in. And it’s not a phrase or quote by Einstein, it’s a person. The one person you’re stuck with forever, the one person who will pick your ass up when it’s gotten cosy in a rut.
It’s always going to come down to You.
Your capabilities, your strength, your desire for change, that’s the driving fuel to find your way out and into the good place that you deserve to be in.
You are the only one who can decipher the length of the bad patch. You can make it as long or as short as you decide. And you are the only one who can pull yourself out of it every time, you absolutely have to believe that you have the strength to do that, believe that you are enough, that you can do this even though it’s hard.
While they’re great at times, a quote or phrase will only help if you can connect to it. If your mind is too clouded to let any wisdom in, of course it’ll be hard to see the light in some words you’ve borrowed from someone else.
The switch is never out of reach though, and if you can believe in yourself, you can always stretch your hand out to illuminate your next step forward.
If there’s anything I can offer for you to believe in, it’s that we’re all here for a reason and that you can get through an incredible amount if you just believe that you can.


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