Learning from Don Ritchie

This man is reported to have saved at least 160 people from committing suicide at the cliffs near his house. His name was Don Ritchie (he passed away in 2012). What he did was simple. He spoke to people. He offered them a cup of tea. 

The cliffs at the mouth of Sydney harbour have long acted as a magnet to those who have lost all hope. He would calmly ask if there was anything he could do. 

We know it's not as simple as that. Suicidal thoughts don't just poof away because someone offers you tea. But what this man demonstrated is the power of talking, and the power of small acts of kindness.

When a person is in that very dark space, you'd be surprised how strengthening a small gesture can be. Never forget the power of the simple things. If it takes the person's mind off their despair for even 5 minutes then it's worth the effort.

Is there someone in your life who could do with a few words of kindness, or a simple cup of tea?


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