Suicide Prevention : An Evening of Hope

Dare to Live SOS

Suicide Prevention: An Evening of Hope

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Skylon Hotel
Drumcondra Road Uppr.
Dublin 9

Dare to Live SOS are a group of people who have come together through connecting with each other’s personal experience with Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders. We know what it is like when the option of suicide is staring you in the face, but more importantly, we know how to SURVIVE. Suicide has a cure and that cure is HOPE. We will be providing an evening of HOPE by sharing our personal journeys from every point of view; Sufferers, Carers, Parents, Friends. We will be sharing how we have gotten through our darkest times and found life again. We want to share the HOPE. You too can help yourself or a loved one.

To have HOPE is to have connection. All are welcome to join us in our movement to banish Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders as an option for more of our loved ones.

Together we can all save a Life


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