People Watching

Have you ever felt very bored of life? Nothing to do? You've watched every piece of television created and you need to get out of the house? Well, my friend, we have the perfect hobby for you to try. 

People Watching!

Sometimes fact is far more intriguing than fiction. The whole world is filled with interesting people who are all so individual. People watching allows us to feel the rhythm of life around us. Sometimes we forget that a whole world exists outside our pulled bedroom curtains. You get to pretend to be an amateur anthropologist by observing and even creating stories around the people you see. Use your imagination!

You need to be careful to balance your curiosity, so that you aren't intrusive. Just sit back and observe. The idea is to get curious about the life around you. Look at the body language. Listen to the odd sentence as people amble by. Have a look at what the person is wearing. It's not about judging another human, but more-so about considering a life that is quite different to your own. Who could they be? Do they work? What could they work as? What might their home look like? Do they have hobbies? The aim is to be inconspicuous. If you get caught watching then you've gone from being a silent observer to a suspicious looking interference.

We all naturally people watch while waiting for a bus, or when staring out a window in traffic. But it has many benefits beyond passing time! It allows us a chance to get out of our heads. It helps ground us and thus decreases anxiety. It reminds us of our individuality and can be comforting if we feel alone. Some people even use people watching as a source of material for writing books and painting pictures. 

So maybe buy yourself a coffee, find a perch and have a go at people watching! 

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