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Open Thinking :)

You know that "helpful" advice people often give to us when we're in that dark place: "Just be positive!" "Just think positive!" Great, right? No. People usually mean well when they advise this, but if you're struggling with emotional distress then this can top the chart of Most Irritating Comments . Often people don't understand that a low mood can't just be flicked to a happy one, just because someone demands it. You can't turn off anxiety like a tap. What I found helpful was embracing open thinking . Going from negative to positive thinking seemed way too daunting, but somewhere inside me I realised I could get on board with open thinking. Let me explain.  So I understand you might feel terrible, but try to be open to the idea that it could improve. Be open to a suggestion. Be open to the idea that your future (both near and far) could be a little brighter than this moment. The very fact you're re

Human Connection & Hugs

I remember a time when I felt so alone, so foreign, so vacant that a hug felt like the most uncomfortable thing in the world . Someone would lunge at me in what I perceived as feigned politeness and throw a tangle of arms around me. The audacity. The word ridiculous coiled tight in my head. Get off me I'd chant in my head. Don't touch me. It hurts. Hugs hurt so much it felt like a burn. The memory of another soul pressed against my body, it merely amplified my loneliness. No sooner did the relief of a hug start, than it ended. I decided I craved hugs too much. Therefor I would no longer allow myself the luxury. That was then, and this is now. Hugs are now very important to me. They always were, but I no longer run from them. I find the self destructive side of me wants to deprive me of this gold. So I don't listen. I hug a lot now. I ask for hugs. I hug hello. I hug goodbye. The self abusive voice that once mocked something so natural has now been switched to mute. Hu

People Watching

Have you ever felt very bored of life? Nothing to do? You've watched every piece of television created and you need to get out of the house? Well, my friend, we have the perfect hobby for you to try.  People Watching! Sometimes fact is far more intriguing than fiction. The whole world is filled with interesting people who are all so individual. People watching allows us to feel the rhythm of life around us. Sometimes we forget that a whole world exists outside our pulled bedroom curtains. You get to pretend to be an amateur anthropologist by observing and even creating stories around the people you see. Use your imagination! You need to be careful to balance your curiosity, so that you aren't intrusive. Just sit back and observe. The idea is to get curious about the life around you. Look at the body language. Listen to the odd sentence as people amble by. Have a look at what the person is wearing. It's not about judging another human, but more-so about conside

Suicide Prevention : An Evening of Hope

Dare to Live SOS Presents Suicide Prevention: An Evening of Hope Wednesday 22 nd October 2014 7.15pm Skylon Hotel Drumcondra Road Uppr. Dublin 9 Dare to Live SOS are a group of people who have come together through connecting with each other’s personal experience with Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders . We know what it is like when the option of suicide is staring you in the face, but more importantly, we know how to SURVIVE . Suicide has a cure and that cure is HOPE . We will be providing an evening of HOPE by sharing our personal journeys from every point of view; Sufferers, Carers, Parents, Friends. We will be sharing how we have gotten through our darkest times and found life again. We want to share the HOPE. You too can help yourself or a loved one. To have HOPE is to have connection. All are welcome to join us in our movement to banish Suicide, Self Harm and Eating Disorders as an option for more of our loved ones. Together we can a

Bring Some Colour to your Life

Sometime when I'm feeling down I like to buy myself a little gift from me, to me. A bunch of flowers is such a beautiful thing to buy yourself and there's a huge selection to suit any budget. You don't even have to buy some. Maybe your Granny's garden could spare a few roses. Maybe you could pick some wild flowers.  “The earth laughs in flowers.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson The power is in the little gesture. It's a message to your soul telling yourself that someone cares. Flowers can't help but lift a deflated spirit.  Go on, for the price of a coffee you can have almost a week of colourful joy on your table! There's no commitment because they don't need any watering or attention. They just want to brighten your day! Flowers have many positives and people say they can do all sorts: Reduce stress Ease depression Reduce anxiety Promote creativity Help you feel happier Remind you that beauty exists Encourage self care Help with motivation S

Feeling Different?

Ever thought you don't fit in with society? Ever felt a bit weird or odd? Ever worried you were just plain wrong? Ever felt unhappy with something about yourself that seems different to everyone else? We have! But the great thing about these differences is we can learn to accept them, appreciate them and even LOVE them. There really is nobody on this planet quite like you, and that is a wonderful thing. You're unique. Imagine if we all looked the same, thought the same, acted the same and felt the same? It would be pretty boring, right? Don't fear being different to everyone else! Your quirks, your stories, your blemishes and your failings are as valuable as your successes because they make you a unique human being. Here are some quotes that help me when I'm feeling unhappy with my uniqueness: "Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary." - Uta Hage “Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life an