Celebrate Life

What is life? What is it all about? What is my purpose? Why do bad things happen to people? Why can't everyone just be happy? Are these some of the many questions you find swimming around in your head?
I know I can definitely relate to these thoughts. I often find myself slipping into these thought patterns and most of the questions are un-answerable.
Bad things are always going to happen to people. Whether it is losing a family member or someone letting you down , these are things that happen but to dwell on the unfairness of it serves no benefit to anybody. Yes life can be very unfair sometimes. I recently lost a family member to cancer and it has put a few things into perspective. I know this person did not want to die, they wanted to live and be happy but they couldn't change their outcome. When in a bad place where you see no way out often you can feel like 'yes I do want to die?' But is this really what you want? Don't you want to live and be happy? You have a choice! You can choose to celebrate life and be thankful that you have a choice in the outcome of your life. To use the morbid analogy of somebody suffering with terminal cancer- they do not have this choice. We can use it in a way to motivate ourselves. Being in the depts of despair is not un-similar. Having destructive thoughts is no more than a cancer of the mind and the chemo and radiation we need is to go out and celebrate living and stop being prisoners of our own thoughts.
We can dwell so much in the misery of being unhappy, feeling you have been dealt an unfair card serves no purpose. Where will it get you - only further away from happiness. After seeing my family member pass away so suddenly and knowing how much she loved life and made the most out of it even in her last days was inspiring and gave me a new perspective looking in from the outside. If we all could live in the moment, make the most of what we've been given (no matter how crappy it may seem) and enjoy the simple things in life perhaps everyone could be happy? This can be what we need to do to be rid of this cancer of the mind that is negative thoughts. Do things you love and enjoy doing, make it your mission to do something nice for yourself at least once a week, keep it simple.
What is life all about? Well there is no real definite answer to this except life is precious so why not celebrate it?
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