Can you believe it's the weekend again already!?

Ok, so the sun is meant to be hiding again this weekend, but that doesn't mean we have to hide along with it!! There are plenty of things on around the city if you live in Dublin, or you could take a trip up to the big city smoke!?

Movies, for example, can be great therapy. Bad neighbours is a very easy watch and more importantly will have you laugh a lot out loud. We sometimes can take life sooooo seriously but laughing can be such an anxiety and stress reliever. If bad neighbours is not your cup of tea there is 22 jump street or a million ways to die in the west. Anything that is light will help.

What about a trip to the zoo? You don't have to have young kids or a love of animals to check out the local zoo in your area. It could be fun!!

A trip to the markets with a friend can be a good pick me up. The tendency can be to isolate when we feel low but actually in these situations reconnecting with a friend, getting a coffee, pottering around the local market with different types of food, art, clothing can be a great distraction and tool to reconnecting with life.

How about a trip to the theatre? An ideal husband is on in the Gate theatre with great reviews. Check out the link here:

Finally, find ways to reconnect with you, your true essence. How about a nice yoga class? In Dartmouth square they do outdoor yoga for €5 at 11am on at Saturday. Yoga is a beautiful way to reconnect and feel a part of this world.

Life is so short, it is so important to appreciate all that you have now. Maybe you could do a little gratitude list of what you do have in your life. Dedicate a few minutes before going to sleep, breath into it and jot down a few things you are grateful for. It does not have to be a list the length of your arm, just a few points. We ALL have something to be grateful for.

Happy weekend reconnecting!

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