You Belong - Every Drop Makes An Ocean

We are all a part of this place we call Earth whether we like it or not. Everyone has been put here for a reason. Nobody is more insignificant than anybody else. So why do we often feel unworthy ? Don't deprive the world of your presence. Everybody plays an active part in this world. Without you in it it would not be complete just like an ocean would be one droplet short.
A lot of the time we tend to put people on pedastals. We compare, feel inadequate, think that they are 'better' than us, more deserving or worthy- but this is an illusion- your own mind just trying to convince you that you are not good enough. That is never true. Nobody is 'better' than anyone else. We are all different and have a purpose, have different values, opinions and interests. If everyone was the same the world would most certainly be a very boring place!
We all want to feel we belong. It is one of the things we all as human beings have in common. If you feel out of place in this world it just means you haven't found your purpose yet. But the reassuring thing is - you can choose your own purpose - every single person has one and it is waiting to be discovered within you. Ask yourself that famous question 'who am i? ' Usually there you will find the answer.
So embrace your place on this earth - you are needed, you are a piece of the puzzle of life and the only thing left to do is to live it.
Dare To Live SOS


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