Time For Thursday Randomness

It's time to get Random again! Did you know....

Over 90% of stress is brought on by the act of over thinking.

If you shave a guinea pig, it looks just like a baby hippo.

Friday increases happiness all around the world by 11%

The most children born to one woman was 69 -- She had 16 twins, 7 triplets, and 4 quadruplets. (scary!!)

Laughing at least 10-15 minutes a day keeps you healthy and adds up to 5 years to your life.

There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in the human brain every second.


May 2nd is International Harry Potter day
August 26th is International Dog Day!

And to finish off with the randomness, here is a video of a hilarious 'rat prank' from a hidden camera show. You can't help but laugh at the reactions :) And remember laughter improves your health! Enjoy!


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