Thursday Randomness; Facts & Fun

Keeping the mind active and alive with positive thoughts and fun facts can never be underestimated! So let's get down to a little Thursday randomness and pump those brain muscles shall we..

Did you know?

Almonds are members of the peach family 

Donald Duck's middle name is Fauntleroy. 

Coca-Cola was originally green. 

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why. 

  • A group of goril­las is called a shrewdness.
  • A group of flamin­gos is called a stand.
  • A group of giraffes is called a tower.
  • A group of uni­corns is called a blessing.
  • A group of crows is called a murder.
  • A group of larks is called an exaltation.
  • A group of ravens is called an unkindness.
  • A group of ferrets is called a business.

  • 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 

    When you sneeze, all your bodily functions stop even your heart. 
    ..thank goodness it doesn't last long..

    Flies jump backwards when they take off. 

    The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 in China in 1910 
    ..ok this is INSANE..

    Wow look at that, you learn something new every day!

    Hyphephilia are people who get aroused by touching fabrics.

    An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.

    Polar bears can eat as many as 86 penguins in a single sitting

    The following can be read forward and backwards: Do geese see God?

    A baby octopus is about the size of a flea when it is born

    Cute no?

    Happy Thursday world!!

    Dare To Live SOS


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