That Friday Feeling

For many, this evening is the start of a long weekend  with three days off of work, school or college. A lot of people may get excited about this but a lot of people also don't! For those of us who may be dreading the prospect of a three day weekend hang in there, you're certainly not alone. Many people will tell you; 'try not to compare yourself with others' and you might listen to their advice or you may not...but what's the point in trying when you can just choose not to compare at all! What I mean is, don't try, just do! Actively make the decision to NOT compare yourself or your weekend with anybody else's. Yes, there may be Facebook pictures uploaded by the minute about a night out, a family meal, etc etc and yes, you may not be doing that. But yeno what? That's completely okay. Their weekend may look fabulous in pictures but the reality may be completely different. There'd no point in wasting energy on imagining what may or may not happened for that person. Why not fantasize about your own life and make those fantasies realities? The thing is - we never know the true extent of other people's lives because it's theirs to live, not ours. You own your own unique, beautiful and original life. Not one other person in the world can live a life quite the way you are living yours. Your weekend is YOURS for you to fill. If you feel like crap because xyz went out last night with all their friends, stop and ask yourself something before you get caught up in a whirlpool of negative waves - would you really want to be out with xyz at thar party? Is what they're doing something that you would actually enjoy doing right now?? If the answer is no - and be totally honest with yourself - then get the stop sign out and don't compare your life with theirs. If the answer is yes, then you can always do something about it. If you want to connect with people then you CAN make it happen. The world is full of people waiting to be connected with. If you yearn connection then seek it, obtain it and maybe hold on to it if you want. Nobody else can do it for you - it may seem intimidating at first and god do I know it, but the rewards you reap from  doing it are wonderful. Human connection is a beautiful thing. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all need some level of company. It allows us to break away from out own minds, to check in with the world to see that it's still spinning it's beautiful history. Not everyone is an extrovert with millions of friends - if that were true then we would all be the same. So take a moment there to legalise not having 100 million friends. There's truth in the saying that it's quality over quantity. And hey, I'm not saying you can't spend time alone because if you didn't then there's not much balance there either. It's okay to like being in your own company as long as you are you're own friend. However staying isolated is a different kettle of fish because then you are not in good company. Seeking connection can lead to a battle in your mind before you even begin but the important thing to do is to keep it simple. Yep, that six letter word; S-I-M-P-L-E. As I said, we cannot predict what goes on inside any other human's head. Before you step outside the door you cannot know who you might meet or what they may/may not think of you. Instead of being afraid of that, get fascinated by it. You can choose to be whoever you want to be so decide what you want to be like and just do it. Be the organic, original version of yourself that YOU like. If others have a problem with it, then so be it as long as you are happy with who you are. The chances are, if you like yourself then others will too. Trust your judgement of what makes a great person because you are one. We are all magnificent, we are all gloriously complex. Take a few deep breaths, step out the door and hold your head high. You deserve your place in the world equally as much as the 1.8 billion other other humans on this planet. You deserve to connect, to reach out and to belong. This weekend decide that you are going to connect with someone. Put on your shoes and coat (and maybe suncream, hopefully!) and open the door. I dare you to live. Take a deep breath, check in with your five senses - what can I see, feel, smell - and ground yourself. Then go. Seek and you shall find! Take a walk in the park and  start with a simple smile at someone, you don't have to stop and talk but simply look them in the eye and smile. Your smile is an infectious cure that can spread like wildfire if you keep wearing it. When you do it you are connecting with the world, whether you believe it or not. If you do that this weekend, you have lived a moment completely in the present time that you were in and that is wonderful. Well done you beauty.

Keep calm this weekend and remember, it's yours for the making so do what you -the real you! - want to do!

Dare to Live SOS


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