Randy Pausch and The Beauty Of A Dream

As individual as we all are, one of the things that every single human being has within them is a dream of some kind. An aspiration or goal, plan or ambition to be realised with the self belief that anything is possible if we have the courage to believe so..

It isn't always easy to find that self belief though, nor is it as uncomplicated as we might wish at times but if you do one thing this week please be open to watching this video we share with you today. The Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch may be long but trust us, in the search for some inspiration and motivation to accomplish your own dreams (of childhood or now) and gain some reason to live a little more these 76 minutes will inevitably plant a seed of hope and light in your heart..

(If you find it difficult to concentrate or a busy schedule won't allow you watch it all in one go, don't stress for that's the beauty of the "pause" and "play" buttons..)

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday!

Dare To Live SOS


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