Picture of Life: what do you choose to see?

Most people have heard the phrase; 'wake up and sell the roses'..and most people get pretty damn irritated by it. 'Easy for them to say', we think, 'oh they don't know what it's really like in my head', we tell ourselves. We're right, nobody knows what's going on inside our head but that doesn't knock the validity of their sound advice. When we're deeply entrenched in the self-destructive thoughts in our mind, we can often go through life blinded. We have eyes but we don't see, ears but we don't hear, noses but we don't smell and tongues but we don't taste. We become completely disconnected from our senses. Sure how could life seem exciting if we're not experiencing it properly? To re-connect we need to wake up our senses and open our minds. Although it sounds futile, connecting with nature is an amazing tool to add to your toolbox. Give it a shot - you have nothing to lose! Go outside, your back garden, the street, a park - anywhere, because nature is everywhere! For a few moments focus on different things individually. Close your eyes and tune your ears - what can you hear?? Cars, voices, the wind, laughter, rain, music..let your ears listen to each sound as it vibrates through your ears. Then open your eyes and really look - look beyond the obvious and see the smaller details, see the life and the versatility that exists. Someone once told me, when a person is in a rose garden what do they see - the beautiful flower or the thorns? This really struck me - we all have a choice of how we see things. We can focus on the beauty or the destruction. Everything is a matter of choice and the choices that benefit your life are the ones worth making. We can choose to remain numb to our senses or we can choose to reconnect with ourselves and thus reconnect with the world. Take the appropriate actions and you can achieve it. Believe in your ability and believe in the world because it's a big, beautiful place waiting to be explored.

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