Picture Of Life; The Light Within

There is no body in life who escapes the sometimes darker days or moments when the light, seemingly so dim, seems to be nowhere near enough to let us see into the next second of time let alone take us through this one we may feel stuck in right now. In fact there may even be times when complete darkness forever looks to be the only way to the light. I've been there, I understand.

But I also know too that moments pass. As do days and weeks, months and years. No matter how long you find yourself in the darkness I can tell you that upon coming though my own darkened periods and having hung on in the trust and hope that there really is a better life to be lived, it's most certainly worth the fight. I can attest with all my being that there is always, always, ALWAYS a way out of the dark times when life seems to be caving in on top of you. And it's called LIFE. Only life can heal the wounds that hurt and only life and the living of it can cast out the darkness and let the light flow into your heart again or perhaps for the very first time. 

But you want to know the real secret to life? 
Well it's the light within. Yep the very light that exists within each of us. I've got it, you've got it and just like no body escapes some darker moments in life so it is that no body can escape the light within. Admittedly we can't always see it nor can we truly appreciate it's strength and power when we blind ourselves to it with negativity yet we were all born with it and it never fades; a very special source within our souls that often others can see long before we allow ourselves acknowledge it's existence. Far too often we look with-out to find solace and comfort but the only true happiness can only ever come from within. And it's in all of us, just a little digging and dusting but it's there, waiting for you to discover it. It's WHO we are. The light is about WHO we are and what makes us unique.

Don't be scared though for we don't need to "find" it in order for it to exist. It exists simply because you do. There is of course always someone or something who loves each of us and the light that ripples from us into their lives but the real key in lighting up your world is embracing this special light and knowing it's your own. 

However, until you realise the power you possess, perhaps you can turn to others.
And so today, and every day until you can bask in the glory of your own light, we encourage you to take on board the positive things others tell you. Let their love guide you. Embrace the good light they experience you in and trust they can see it. Write down each and every compliment another person gives you and keep them safe to read over when those darker thoughts might pop in; compliments are gifts after all and it's rude to not accept a gift. Let your loved ones hug you and show you they care. Take on board the positives around you, whether you truly believe them or not yet. Please don't push others away. Be WITH people and work to not isolate yourself from the world around you, others deserve your company and this world wouldn't be itself without you. Because at the end of the day, those around you love you for who you are and in trusting them it won't be long until you too can and will love you for who you are too!

Happy Wednesday world!

Dare To Live SOS


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