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This blog is honest - we know what it takes to take ourselves out of the darkness of destructive thinking and turn towards life. We are not afraid to say things how they are. 

Do you consider yourself to be a victim? Do you think like a victim? 
Yes it's true, we become victims of our own thinking. But by dwelling in the negativity we are choosing to remain victims. We may not realise that this is the case, so how do we know if we are choosing to be victims or not? Being a victim is simply continuing to sit on the ground after a fall and not getting back up again. It's choosing to remain down. It's believing that the universe made you fall down and that it's "their fault" you ended up down there. It's listening to the negative whispers goading you, telling you you deserve to remain on the ground. It's not learning from the fall but focusing on the bruises. 

So how can we stop being victims?
Every human encounters hardship in their life but the hard times cannot be what defines us. What makes humans amazing is their ability to persevere and survive. Our reactions and how we choose to deal with the hardship is what can shape us. 

--By choosing to accept responsibility for our emotions, actions and behaviours we are choosing not to be victims. If you notice your mood slipping when you are around certain people, or whether someone says something negative to you, you can always walk away. You can choose not to listen to the negative words. It's not being rude it's being self-protective. It's taking the action to prevent entering the victim mode and letting other people impact your feelings.

--By choosing to learn from every experience - both good and bad - you are choosing to improve your life. If something doesn't go quite how you had planned it, it's not failure! When you are not a victim you see the situation as a learning curve - you didn't do it wrong you just learned how not to do it!

--By believing that there is always a solution and that we are not helpless, we are choosing to be strong and self-supportive. No matter what, you can always help yourself. Inside every person is the answer to anything you need to know. Think; what would I tell somebody else? Apply that knowledge to yourself and it really will work. We need to walk the walk in order to talk the talk, as cliché as that sounds. 

Life is full of opportunities and decisions. We can either stay down or pick ourselves back up again. We all have the strength to be the hero of our own lives if we take the action to do so. 

This video is about an inspiring Irish teenager who is choosing to live life. Inspirational people don't have to b historic figures who changed the world. They can be ordinary people who choose to be extraordinary. Joanne Is one of these people. She could choose not to try, not to connect with others, not to see the beauty of the world if she focused on what she can't do. Joanne focuses on exactly the opposite - her abilities, her talents - and in doing so she is an inspiration to the world. This video is not to make us feel guilty for our behaviours because feeling guilty is default victim mode. Instead, watch the video and consider what you can do to stop being a victim of the mind.

She dares to live, so why don't you?

Dare to Live SOS


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