Get that Friday Feeling - Get Excited For The Weekend


Well the weekend is here again. For some it is a couple of days off work , for others its like any other days of the week and perhaps something not to be looked forward to. A lot of people 'live for the weekend' and spend the week looking forward to it - to speak the phrase 'TGIF!' Why not you too? Why not use the weekend as something to look forward to and do the things you love? Don't use it as another couple days to berate yourself over everything you 'don't' have or everything that is 'wrong' in your life. Spending the whole weekend in bed isolating yourself from the world isn't the answer- Grace the world with your presence!
Having things to look forward to has a huge impact on your way of thinking. If you have things to look forward to you are less likely to be thinking negatively about life. You have a focus.
What can you do this weekend for yourself to make you feel good? What is it you can look forward to this weekend and get excited about? Here are some suggestions:
  • If there is a new movie out that you want to see - go see it ! Suggestion: Bad Neighbours is apparently a good one if you want a laugh. Sometimes even on the dark days a good laugh at something silly can make all the difference. But there are plenty of good movies out.

    • Getting out in the fresh air. Go for a walk. Being amongst nature can be very freeing and uplifting. Going for a walk in the park, or the beach. A trip to a wildlife park or the zoo. Just taking some time to 'be' in nature can bring some peace of mind in that moment. It's hard to think negatively when you're looking at wildlife and the beauty around you.
  • If you are feeling tired then maybe a nice bath and a DVD. Some self care is a nice way to feel more in the moment and connect with your senses. I find even making yourself a cup of tea and taking those few minutes to unwind and clear your head of all your worries even for those few minutes can be very helpful.
  • If you feel like you are isolating yourself, why not arrange to meet a friend for a coffee? It's always the things you don't really feel like doing that you end up enjoying the most so you never know, maybe a catch up with a friend is what you need. Maybe someone you have been meaning to meet up with but have been putting it off? It definately gets you out of your head and sometimes its nice to listen how things are going in someone elses life, to hear other people's news or problems for a change. Everyone has them. Human connection is the key to beating loneliness.
    Think about all the things that you love doing. Perhaps write them out. Sometimes you may think you don't have any but if you start writing you could be surprised the mount of things that could pop into your head. It can be the most simple of things! Sure why not try and incorporate them into your weekend! What's the worst that can happen? You have a nice time?
    There is so much you can do to make your weekend a good one and in turn allow yourself to live. So make the most of it for YOU and start looking forward to it :)
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