Finding Motivation

We all know that on the darkest days Motivation can be very difficult to come by. Do you ever feel like you are in a black hole of nothingness with no light at the end, that the whole world is against you and there is nothing good in your life? Sounds familiar?
We here at Dare To Live know these feelings well. It isn't a nice place to be - but this is all Tunnel Vision. In times like this we need to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Take a look at things from the outside in. Ask yourself what is good in your life right now? Think hard. There is ALWAYS something good even if it is a simple as wearing your favourite shoes or petting your dog. Ask yourself the big question 'What Motivates Me?' It is a good place to start. What keeps you motivated hiking up a mountain? - The view from the top and curiosity to see what is on the other side. So apply the same logic.
There is always a reason to go on. Always a reason not to make that permanent solution to a temporary problem. What motivates you to do anything in life? It is usually that you want to move TOWARDS something or move AWAY from something.
So truly ask yourself this question. What does motivate you?

Does reading inspirational stories motivate you?
Having things to look forward to?
Do you want to feel good in yourself?
Not feel alone?
Have a better quality of life?
Have a house?
Have babies?
Be amongst nature?
Your Hobbies?
Having a Relationship?
Setting up a business?
Have confidence and self esteem?
Have peace of mind?
Make new friends and connect with people?
Simply feel HAPPY for once?
These are only some ideas but everyone has their own unique motivators. Focusing on your dreams no matter how far away they may seem can always bring hope.
If you feel that none of these suggestions sit with you how about simply doing it for someone else to begin with until you can find your motivations? It is a start- and everyone has to start somewhere.
Think of your future because you DO have one and it can be as bright as you allow yourself believe. Anything is possible.
                                                               Dare To Live SOS


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