Dreams - Action, Belief and Failure?

I never used to believe dreams were 'for me'. Everyone who had dreams weren't living in reality, they were unrealistic and ridiculous etc etc..the intellect snob in me would have a field day with all of the reasons why I shouldn't dream. It wasn't until I opened my mind that I realised how completely vital dreams are. Dreams are what get us up in the morning and keep us going in the darkest of moments. They are a motivation, an escape and fun
I didn't believe in my dreams because I feared them. I thought; 'if they're never going to come true, then dreaming is only setting myself up for failure'. Well that kind of thinking was never going to get me anywhere anyway! Fears are False Evidence Appearing Real and failure doesn't actually exist, it's just another way of learning how not to do something. I realised that fearing my dreams created a barrier to them ever being achieved. That mindset was counter productive because in fearing failure, I was failing. For dreams to become reality they require two fuels - belief and action. we can achieve anything we want to but results will only come if you put the work in to it. 
Dreams can be either big or small. When I first thought of dreams I thought they all had to be things like; save the world, climb Mount Everest, become a millionaire…but they really don't have to be like that at all. Adream can be simple and there is nothing wrong with simplicity!! You can dream to have a good, solid night's sleep, dream to go to work/school/college and not feel anxious, dream to have a nice conversation with someone. Dreams can range from anything to everything - they have no limits nor boundaries. That's what makes them beautiful - you can have your own private dreams and nobody need ever know but you can fantasize about them whenever you want. If we believe that our dreams are unrealistic we are thus making them unattainable to ourselves. If we visualize ourselves having accomplished our dream it is more likely to come true, studies have shown. So give it a try, think about what life will be like when your dream comes true!
What I didn't realise about dreams was that they need action in order to come true. If we really want something bad enough, we have to be committed to putting the work in to get there. A dream could be seen as just a fantastic idea that we create in our heads. We may not know how to fulfill them initially but we will find out. If we want it we will look, research, create ways to make the dream a reality. If my dream is to believe more in myself then I have to find the tools to accomplish this. I cannot sit by continuing to doubt myself because then of course I won't make progress - fulfilling dreams requires honesty with oneself. If I want xyz then I must do xyz to get it. It can be as simple as that. So continuing my example of wanting to believe in myself, if this is my dream then I must repeat positive affirmations to myself, take care of my needs, encourage myself, ignore the negative backchat in my head etc. Completing this will help me to move towards the dream. Action needs to happen to make the dream a reality.
Fearing failure is a waste of our energy. There are so many inspirational people in the world who society once called 'failures' who went on to become the most successful people in the world. Had they have stopped believing and working on their dreams we may not know them as the people they are today. Steve Jobs was deemed a failure, as was Walt Disney and many others. Yet what sets them apart from others is that in the face of so-called failure they didn't give up hope, didn't give up believing in their dream to create and to inspire. Their potential was fulfilled because they dared to dream and take action and not give up on themselves. Believe that you can and you will, we promise you. 

Today, reflect on any dreams that you have. Ask yourself, what can I do to make this a reality? You will be surprised - you can do a lot more than you realised. Believe in your abilities and have faith that the universe will help you along if you are willing to give it your best shot.

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