Alphabet For Recovery

We all know it can be challenging to get up and do things that will benefit you when you aren't feeling too motivated. Recovery from any mental distress can be difficult and to even get to a point of  wanting to help yourself can sometimes be the biggest obstacle. So....  Here is an alphabet of some simple things you can do to help yourself today! :)

A. Allow yourself to laugh
B. Breeeeeathe
C. Count to ten
D. Deep breathing
E. Good Enough... You are good Enough
F. Fuel often
G. Get curious
H. Hope- There is always hope.
I. "I can do this" - Repeat this to yourself. Repeated Theory Becomes Fact
J. Jokes - Look up Jokes and allow yourself to laugh
K. Kick Negativity out the door
L. Lists Lists Lists - What do you like? What Can you do today to make yourself feel good?
M. Make time for a hobby
N. Nobody is perfect, remember that
O. Be Open To Change
P. Play relaxing music
Q. Question destructive thoughts.
R. Rest rest rest
S- Sing
T. Talents - Write out a list of your Talents! Everyone has them :)
U. Don't Underestimate yourself and your abilities
V. Visualise freedom
W. Wear what you want and what you feel good in
X. Hugs and kisses xoxo
Y. You will be free. Believe.
Z. Go to the ZOO ! :)


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