Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A picture of life for Wednesday

From the day you were born you have touched so many lives. Be proud and love yourself. Dare to live.  

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Inspirational Tuesday: 21 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Life

Sometimes in the supposed certainty of darkness we convince ourselves that life is all bleak and miserable, that it's never going to change and that we have little power over anything that happens. However the great news is, the life you live belongs solely to YOU! And how you live it is but an endless opportunity to create the best life possible for yourself. The power to change what may seem all too real to you right now lies within your very being. We all have days where it seems all too much, too overwhelming and somehow pointless but believe us when we tell you, from our own experiences we can confirm that life is and can be for all the most wonderful experience ever when we choose to think of it as so. 
One of the best places to begin finding the life you were destined for is by getting curious about it all. Curiosity creates a new space for something fresh to grow. Questions bring about the beginning of something different, something to add a little sparkle and light to your life. 
Start by asking yourself just a few of these questions below on a daily basis. You'll be surprised at just how important these simple yet seriously powerful ideas are in the creation of a happy life. These 21 Keys, if answered with self-honesty and courage will unlock many doors and allow the sun shine in your heart once again!
1. How you wake up.
What wakes you up in the morning? An alarm clock blasting the sounds of obligation and dread, or the excitement of everything you will work on that day?
2. Daily state.
Do you spend most of your days feelings like you’re in a state of tolerable misery or in a state of wonder with peaks of joy?
3. Nourishment.
Are most of your meals fast and processed or organic and locally growth? And when you eat, is food scarfed down practically whole while burying yourself in social media or work or a time to practice mindfulness and be present with others?
4. Home.
Is your home complete chaos and feels like a prison or a safe haven where you can rest, reboot, and relax?
5. Fitness.
You don’t remember the last time you broke a sweat? Or you’re always challenging yourself to pursue various activities. Fitness is a lifestyle not just a compartmentalized workout.
6. Dreams and passions.
Do you believe and invest in your dreams or have 500 reasons why it’s not possible?
7. Purpose.
When you think of purpose, do you feel clueless and confused or great pride to be living it?
8. Shame.
Do you burn yourself at the stake mentally often or do you not believe in mistakes and see how everything you’ve done has led you to the next step in your life?
9. Lenses.
Do you see the world (includes, people, events, and situations) with judgement? Or wonder?
10. Anger and resentment.
Yes and yes? Or do you forgive instead of hold grudges because you know how it can turn you ugly and powerless.
11. Trauma.
Things have happened to you that have caused you to become bitter, jaded, and cause you to numb and shut down? Or what was painful at the time turned out to be a key part in your growth, story, and being a catalyst to others?
12. Past.
Is your past is heavy, painful, and a source of shame? Or is it something you have made peace with and you’re open about, which in turn inspires others to share?
13. Your values.
Do you define yourself by what you do, the things you have, and who you surround yourself with? Or by your heart, values and character?
14. Companionship.
Do you surround yourself with friends who are useless and inferior? Or teach you things and inspire you to new heights?
15. Intimate relationships.
Are your intimate relationships always a problem as they cause more pain than happiness? Or you love hard, without fear, but with healthy boundaries.
16. Your relationship with money.
Is money is a source of anxiety and suffering? Or is it something you earn by doing things that you believe in and make you feel alive and valuable?
17. Sex.
When you think about your sexual experiences, do you feel that you know you’re supposed to like it but you secretly don’t get what all the fuss is about? Or there. Are. No. Words.
18. Joy.
Do you have the ability to produce joy daily or is joy contingent on a lot of what ifs and things that are external?
19. Emotion management.
Does your emotions control you completely and your life gets derailed because of them? Or are your emotions something you’re always aware of and you’ve become pretty good at managing them, expressing yourself, and not allowing them to own you?
20. Comfort zones.
Is your comfort zone very small and you barely move around so you don’t step outside of it? Or do you resist nothing?
21. Love.
Is love a four letter word to you? Or do you have a clear picture of what you want love to look like that is uniquely suited to your needs, and take active steps to create it.
These amazing 21 keys are with thanks to the ever inspirational MindBodyGreen

Dare To Live SOS

Monday, 28 April 2014

Personal Monday: An inspirational Story

Today we are so excited and beyond delighted to share with you our very first post. A personal story of love and hope, honesty and encouragement, it is beautifully written from the heart of our dear friend who, each day, inspires so many through her own personal journey..


Every morning she would be shaken awake by her body as a plea. She would lie, staring at the darkness ever suffocating and wonder, will it be nothing, or everything today?
She would reach, creaking, a statue of intertwining hand and limb but see not only flesh but fire, burning the eyes of innocence that lay beneath her burning veil.
The clock downstairs was ticking, resonating louder. The day was upon, the sun still shallow. She knew it was time for her to face herself, but it was not herself she saw.
Life would move but she would stay the same, not by nature but by force, a force must greater than she. Of what she saw she wasn't envious, only afraid. How could they laugh at lives severity? it was they who were insane. In a whirlwind of self obsession she stood centre, so perplexed by the paradox of it's purpose.'How can I be all at once?' she would wonder, or at once, nothing at all?

Days past and she began to forget, nothing left that she could recall. A haze of moments of what was behind or in front, never considering what was beside. Everybody lies to her now, their words laced with venom of a different kind. Alone she stood with one guiding voice of manipulation, greed and vice. It was safety, but it was hatred. It was disguised as life, but it was only bitter death.

Soon all things were wrong and her world full of poison, it was hard to find the good in anything when destruction was intertwined even in the purest intentions. All harm had come but she felt no pain, only one residing feeling. No remnants of a life once lived, just dwelling in the currents of turmoil surging unrelenting, painfully lapping at her insides.

In the mist the clock was now deafening. Her time was really running- further from the present. Questions fired like an assault canon from all directions - why? when? how much? why not?. A hatred of self so deep, her ragged flesh, her wretched mouth. Repulsed, she no longer wanted to live out this promoted stoicism but she couldn't stop, she was a prisoner of her own mind.

She saw, she realised, what had she done?. She crumbled under the iron fist, behind iron doors. She was weighed down by iron clothes, iron intentions. She felt no hope, she felt nothing, only wished - to feel even the jealousy she once felt grudgingly for those who could be 'happy'. She felt broken, alien, a sinner - as undeserving of life as she was of the darkness , look at all she had done, did she even deserve to feel?

From the ruins we build a city and in the city the people flourish.

Slowly, she was shown how to see. Reluctant but willing she tried. When she opened her eyes, acid stained, she saw a world of colour, still far away but there for her to marvel. New people, moving left and right full of creative independence, astonishing, living their lives neither with or against, just being. A perpetual fascination, it's meaning changing everyday. She wasn't right or wrong but she could question. Her tongue no longer severed she could speak, not only speak but really say. It's still far but it's coming, and thats more than something to hold on to. Through others herself she will find, through herself she will find others.

Never underestimate the hope, its definition arcane but it's presence ever important.
We need others, we need to show we care - darkness isn't forever, the morning comes, sun rising and we can see again. Don't be blinded by the deception of your burdens.I feel so strongly when I see these people that don't know themselves, they don't know the impact they have, the raw, human beauty they project. Everyone deserves to live, not just survive. Peoples pain touches everyone, and we all wish for eyes to open wide and see the world, really see - it's impeccably imperfect and as a race we are learning not only to accept, but to grow.
You made a believer out of me, we all make believers of one another.

You can save a life with a smile, a word, a human touch - and please know that everyday, that life can be your own.


Thanks to the and only R, for her invaluable contribution and heartfelt story of honesty and hope.

Have a wonderful Monday and know that no matter how dark things may seem or how low you may find yourself, opening your eyes, mind and heart is all it takes to see the light, moving towards the life you deserve to live.. Because as the story above so rightly says, "everyone deserves to live, not just survive!."

Dare To Live SOS

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