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A picture of life for Wednesday

From the day you were born you have touched so many lives. Be proud and love yourself. Dare to live.  

Inspirational Tuesday: 21 Key Ingredients Of A Happy Life

Sometimes in the supposed certainty of darkness we convince ourselves that life is all bleak and miserable, that it's never going to change and that we have little power over anything that happens. However the great news is, the life you live belongs solely to YOU ! And how you live it is but an endless opportunity to create the best life possible for yourself. The power to change what may seem all too real to you right now lies within your very being. We all have days where it seems all too much, too overwhelming and somehow pointless but believe us when we tell you, from our own experiences we can confirm that life is and can be for all the most wonderful experience ever when we choose to think of it as so.  One of the best places to begin finding the life you were destined for is by getting curious about it all. Curiosity creates a new space for something fresh to grow. Questions bring about the beginning of something different, something to add a little sparkle and li

Personal Monday: An inspirational Story

Today we are so excited and beyond delighted to share with you our very first post. A personal story of love and hope, honesty and encouragement, it is beautifully written from the heart of our dear friend who, each day, inspires so many through her own personal journey.. ~~~~~~~ Every morning she would be shaken awake by her body as a plea. She would lie, staring at the darkness ever suffocating and wonder, will it be nothing, or everything today? She would reach, creaking, a statue of intertwining hand and limb but see not only flesh but fire, burning the eyes of innocence that lay beneath her burning veil. The clock downstairs was ticking, resonating louder. The day was upon, the sun still shallow. She knew it was time for her to face herself, but it was not herself she saw. Life would move but she would stay the same, not by nature but by force, a force must greater than she. Of what she saw she wasn't envious, only afraid. How could they laugh at lives severity? it